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Could she be sick? Lock Rss

I have a 7 week old baby girl and over the past 5-6 weeks she has been a very restless sleeper during the day with her sleeps only lasting about 40 mins or so, and has long sleeps during the night. Which was great and suited me fine. But the past two weeks she has been sleeping alot during the day too, with her sleeps lasting for up to a few hours. I know it probably sounds silly but I'm a bit worried. Is there such a thing as a baby sleeping too much? Or could be sick? I thought babies needed less sleep as they grew up not more. Any thoughts or idea's would be a great help...
babies can have up to 18 hours or so a day, give or take some!! my DS is 8 weeks and i would love for him to sleep well through the day (we are working on this!). At this age they should be up for an hour or hour half then asleep for 2-3 hours. my DS didnt read his manual so doesnt know about these rules yet!! i had a sleep consultant in yesterday that said that most babies have to be taught to sleep (past their 40 minute cat nap cycles). so you are very lucky that yours has caught on all by herself! well done! and i hope some of your luck rubs off on me!! the sleep consultant said babies NEED sleep, the old saying that keeping a baby awake all day makes them sleep better isnt true, as they need sleep to grow and process all the sensory information they gain when they are awake. though it does make for a boring day when all they do is sleep! i am looking forward to some boredom and rest!!
you can always speak to your gp or paediatrician or local early childhood centre to rule out anything. but if she isnt in pain, is putting on weight and eating fine then i would go with it!!

hello all

im a first time mum to a beautiful but rebelious daughter. She is just ove 6weeks and has started having short or no sleeps at all during the day.. and its so hard because she doesnt want to feed, continuosly spits the dummy out and wants it again and she breaks out crying for no reason. Like this morning she wa up at 7 and im still here trying to rock her in my arms asleep with top ups every hr! And some days she is an angel and eats and sleeps.. i guess they have their days.
Hi Bec

The first three months babies need their sleep, as it is for growth. Unless her appetite has waned then you should be worried but if you want to be sure that she is ok take her to see your GP. My son tama was the same but that was because he was jaundice.
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Lisa proud mum of tama

I have exact same prob. I have been letting my 9wk old sleep on me as she just wont get any otherwise, i know its a bad habit but im pooped and i would rather her sleep a little than deal with an hours crying right now. I will be starting a routine soon and trying really hard to teach her to sleep but she just had her injections so im waiting until she gets over that first. If my baby is awake all the time she thinks she is hungry every hour, but is overtired. I wish there was a baby manual with detailed instructions!!!
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