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How do you put your newborn to sleep? Rss

Two week old DD2 is being rocked, patted and given a dummy to go to sleep at the moment. Whatever works! She is pretty good at night, but it can take me up to an hour to settle her in the day and that's following a routine - feed, play, sleep after 1.5 hours. How do you get your newborn to sleep?

Would love to get her to self settle as DD1 is 17 months and quite demanding. Any tips?
[Edited on 15/02/2010]

I look for tired signs then pop her in bed, tuck her in, give her her dummy if she wants it and hang her favourite toy for her to look at. For the first couple of weeks I wrapped her too but she no longer needs this.
DD is 8 weeks and from day 1 I have put her to bed awake and let her settle. Sometimes she cries but I leave her for 2 mins and then go in and pick her up to check for wind then put her back down omce she is calm. If she still doesn't settle I pat her tummy and say shhhh until she settles. Most of the time now she only has a little grizzle and I also now know the difference between her settling grizzles and real cries so I know if I need to go in to her or not. I also followed feed-play-sleep but DD could only do about an hour awake time at 2 weeks old so maybe your DD is getting overtired after an hour and a half? Just a thought. Good Luck, I also have a 27 month old son so I know how demanding it can be with 2!

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

DS2 is 9 weeks old and from about 6 weeks I started to recognise his tired signs. Before that I would just hold him and rock/pat until he fell asleep and then put him down. Now when I see he's tired we have a little cuddle then I put him in his cot with his dummy and leave him. It doesn't always work and I find at night he wants to be cuddled to sleep rather than sette himself.

I agree with the PP that an hour and a half may be a little long so maybe try putting her to bed a bit sooner? But every bub is different. DS2 is usually only awake for an hour in between sleeps in the morning but in the afternoon is awake for up to 3hours before wanting to go back to bed.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

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