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hi i was just wondering i have a 13week old baby girl. she is in no real routine. she is only just started drinking her bottles she would normally only drink about 60 mls but she is doing around 80mls now. i was just wondering about self settling. summa-lee will not self settle, she will just scream untill she is picked up. i rock her to sleep every time-it normlly takes me about 15 minutes. i find it easier to do it ths way then to listen to her cry snd she chokes herself. i have found if she hasnt had a bottle within the half hour to an hour befoe going to bed she will take another and only drink about 5 - 10 mls before falling sleep.y is that? wat can i do to get her into a routine.
our day is usally
7.30 - wake, play
8.30 - bath
8.45 - bottle
9.30 - bed
1030/11.00 - wake , play
12.00/1230 - bottle
12.45 - play
130 - bed
3.00 wake , play
4.00/4.30 - bottle
4.45 - play
530 - bath
5.45 - bed
7.30 - wake
830 - bottle
9.00 - bed
12.30/1.00 - bottle
130 - bed
4.30 - bottle
5.00 - bed

mother of summa-lee and jaxsen

I've read alot of good things about Tizzie Hall's self settle tips and routines from other people, so I purchased them from the internet (now realise there is a book that can be purchased).

I started following her basic routine (which is set out according to the age of the baby) as Amelia would only fall asleep in my arms and cried if put down awake. I wanted to get her into a routine & good sleep habits to make my life (& hers) much easier, as soon as possible. Within 2 days of using her self-settling techniques & strictly following the routine set out (as well as is possible - sometimes she'd be 30mins out of the routine times) my little girl started self settling.

I can now put her down awake, after a feed & some play time with only a few small protests from her occassionally. I know that its only been 2 days, but I can already see the benefits and it says habits can be changed after just 1day of following them (or up to 5days).

I personally think its really important for a routine and learning good sleep habits early and I hope this 'tizzie hall' routine continues to work for Amelia.

Go to '' or just do a 'google' search on Tizzie Hall. I found lots of helpful information.

She also states that the basic routine should be FEED, PLAY, SLEEP - FEED, PLAY, SLEEP etc So maybe feeding her as soon as she Wakes up, then have playtime rather than playing before a feed etc might help.

Its amazing how much there is to know about newborns - I work as a RN in a Neonatal Nursery and previously as a Midwife - you think you know things (& it sure helps having that experience) but once you have your own bub things are different (ie. hard to ignore your own bub protesting against sleep, is a 24hr job, not 8hrs etc).

Let me know how things go.

I have recently purchased Tizzy Halls book also (buy it from Target, Kmart ect- only $22.00 as opposed to $31.00 on her website!).

I have been using her routine for 2 days now and it is absolutely amazing how it works! I am so amazed by it. My DB, 7 weeks, now only takes 5 mins to get himself to sleep.
He slept last night from 7pm, a dreamfeed at 10.30pm, up at 2am and awake this morning at 7am on the dot. Very freaky.

I just hope it continues to work. I am very impressed with this book and wish I had it before I gave birth to have some pre-knowledge of this sort of stuff.

I cant recommend this book enough!! Good Luck, I hope it works.
Hi again ...

Was just reading some information that I gathered together from work before I left (from Karitane, Tresillian & Tizzie Hall) - I think that if Summa-lee is only taking 5-10mls before sleep then she isn't really hungry. It would settle her, but isn't out of hunger - possibly she just relies on it to help her settle.

Some info I read that might help:
Babies from 12weeks onwards have waking times of around 1.5-2hrs (incl the feed time) and sleep time 2-2.5hrs.

Karitane suggests a routine of sleep, feed, play. (when 16wks they can have x 2 small playtimes after a sleep, before a feed). They also state that if infants are fed immediately before a sleep, they will associate feeding with sleep time and when they wake out of a light sleep cycle they may wake expecting to be fed - when if they are put to sleep awake, when they wake from a sleep cycle they can self settle.
Sleep cycles for babies are usually 40mins - within this sleep cycle is light & deep sleep, they all wake after a deep sleep - which may be after 20mins - and if all is as they expect it they will go back to a light sleep cycle - if babies can't self-settle they will wake & cry for you to help them re-settle.
Also it states that newborns usually don't 'completely' wake up during a sleep cycle where once 6mths & up they begin to - therefore if not learnt to resettle now it can cause real problems around this age.

Settling Strategies:
*Observe for tired signs
*Ensure bub is comfortable, not hungry, has clean nappy, not too hot/cold.
*Allow a wind down period after playtime, such as a cuddle or quiet time a few minutes before sleeptime.
*Put bub to bed while awake.
*Wrap baby in light cotton or muslin - with hands up near her face so she can self-soothe if needed.
*Follow same settling technique everytime
*If baby is calm then put her on back in cot & leave the room allowing her to go to sleep on her own. She may protest for a few minutes (up to 8mins at 13wks of age) with a cry that has a break in it. This crying is normal for her to wind down ready for sleep (like adults wind down by reading, or watching t.v before bedtime).
*If she needs help to settle (crying for more than 8mins after put down & crying is getting louder & highpitched, walk into her room quietly - don't talk to her or turn the light on - & gently pat her by placing one hand firmly near her arms and pat her gently with the other hand (or rock her cot, stroke her face & head). Turning her on her side & tucking her in firmly often helps and patting her bottom while firmly holding her near her arms/upper body.
*Ssshhhhing her may help as well - if a quiet & consistent tone is used.
*Gradually slow down and reduce the patting as she calms & relaxes (may take 2mins or 30mins).
*Once she is settled, but before she is asleep, leave the room & allow her to go to sleep on her own.
*Some babies enjoy background music played while they sleep - radio station with low volume or relaxing music.
* At 13wks of age you can let her cry (if has pauses in the crying) once you have left the room for 8mins (time it - feels longer than actually is).
*If her cry is continuous & high pitched and you are unable to stop her from crying like this (she doesn't start to calm or cry with a break in between) from patting and lightly 'ssshhing' her, then pick her up in your arms briefly until she is calm, then place her back in the cot awake.
*Continue these techniques for approx. 30mins. If your baby does not settle you may choose to take her for a walk in the pram or carry pouch, give her a massage or a relaxing bath. Then try the techniques again.
*At the next sleep time follow the same routine. Being consistent is what will teach your baby to sleep.

I know this is alot of information ! Hope it is of some help. Am trying all this myself and know how hard it is to really put into practice.

Good luck.
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