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this baby is a puzzler!! Lock Rss

hi all,
I have a four week old baby who is experiencing alot of the things that I have read on the forums here. However, he seems to be experiencing alot of them.
Firstly-he is extremely hard to settle, after he has a bottle, he sometimes drifts straight off to sleep but other times it can take at least 45 minutes to settle him. I do know that he has trouble passing wind but i do stop midway through to burp him. He usually brings up a few burps but still remains unsettled-sometimes wriggling but other times grizzling. He is a pig with his food-can consume up to 150 mls every three hours and I have tried so many different bottles and teats to make him slow down but he still eats it all within 10 minutes-thus giving him alot of wind. I even spent 30 dollars on avent bottles that are supposed to prevent colic but the teats arent slow enough so he gets the milk too fast.
i wrap him in a muslin wrap but the boy is that active that he fights with all his might to get out of it and he generally does-thus waking himself out of sleep.
During the day he may not sleep at all-even if he isn't grizzling he just refuses to sleep-then through the night he is still waking up every three hours to feed. I know that 150 mls is alot of formula for his age but i cant help but feeling that the amount on the can is not satisfying him as he cries and sucks on anything until he gets more.
People have suggested to thicken his food with a baby rice but i dont know if this is the right thing to do when he's so young.
he is gaining weight beautifully-although my birth was a c-section and he did suffer some foetal distress he has been examined by a doctor and a peadeatrician since and they see no worries.
Maybe its just me expecting to much of him but my partner and I are having trouble sleeping as he wakes every three hours then its taking 45 minutes to settle him.
Secondly, constipation. For the first couple of weeks I was feeding him s-26 and he became quite constipated. I tried the sugar and water and it seemed to work. Then he got a snuffly nose and was really irritable so i took him to see a doctor who diagnosed a throat and nose infection. He was on antibiotics for 5 days was passing poo great-not runny though. Then for the past few days he has seemd to be in discomfort-not all the time and is passing pebble like stools. I am giving him plenty of water but the past two poos have been hard. He doesnt however seem to have any trouble when passing them.
I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions as we have rang helplines and they have simply said it sounds like colic-but he has better nights then bad nights. I just think its odd that his amount of feeds per day should have decreased but he is eating more and waking still every three hours-and i dont want to stretch him out as i feel cruel when he is hungry...i have tried everything when settling-elevating him,putting him in the pram and pushing it and sometimes they work but then other times he cries out continually.
if anybody has any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated-the other morning i was that worried about his bowels as he hadnt been in 24 hours,whereas the week before he was going every third nappy or so-then he just came to this sudden halt. the pead said that he sounds constipated and to give him more water but didnt seem overly concerned.
please help!!
My girl started doing the exact same thing as your boy Sarah at 4 wks. She's now just over 5 wks & is still hard to settle, sometimes not sleeping thru the day. She's breastfed, and I'm trying to schedule her feeds every 3 hrs but sometimes she constantly wants a feed every hr. So now I have sore nipples & am really close to just going to bottle/formula.

Very interested to see what other mothers can suggest. My girl was really good at settling herself in the first few wks. But all of a sudden she decided to be a rebel & it's starting to take its toll on me. sad So not sure if I need to change techniques. The only way to put her to sleep at the mo is on my boob, thus the sore nipples.... sad

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

Hi ... my 5 week old has just been through the same! He is now sleeping 4 hours at a time uniterrupted ... BLOODY FANTASTIC....

S26 constipated him .... gave him BAD (i mean really smelly) WIND and i would find it impossible to settle him. He would wake every 20 - 30 minutes to be relieved of wind (burping and bottom paddock) He would not poo for 5 days at a time and we would know when he would pop as it would be 24 hours of crying .....

I changed his formula to KARICARE GOATS MILK FORMULA... it is eaiser to digest and kind on the tummy ... he pops off by him self and it is not a smelly. He loves to taste.

Jusk give him the 100mls, then let him suck on your finger (index) Babies will need to suck when they have wind, it helps to bring it up, thats probably why he keeps going on the bottle. Topping up on the old milk will be giving him tummy aches

My brother use to feed every two hours, me every 4 hours ... all babies are so different, so may be 100mls every two hours, but would suggest to use the above formula, as it only takes about 20minutes to digest.

Brauer Stomach Calm is great for consipation/upset tummy, reflux and indigestion
Brauer Colic Relief - worked within 2 hours

1 teaspoon of prune juice per 30mls of water also works for consipation. I tried the brown sugar and water trick, but too much sugar is not good for them, particular around teething time. The prune juice worked better anyhow. You can cover prunes with hot water, soak over night and use the water.

Seb, wriggles heaps also at bed time ( i laster figured he was wriggling to get rid of the wind), took me ages to settle him. Try swaddling under the arms (arm pits) or just pop one arm in. Seb sleeps on his back with his arms above his head. When he is trowing a wobbley i just hold his hands gentle, strock his forehead and whisper in his ear, normally his name or repeat go to sleep! When he is totally out of controll, i leave the room for a minute, let him 'let it out' and then go in a pick him up, over the shoulder and rock.... Also try laying him on his side, firm hand on the shoulder and pat him on the hip gentley or a little rock/

Oh.... and it helps to have a good cry your self, regain composer and try again, the little buggers can pick up on your stress!

Good luck x

Nicole & Sebastian, TASSIE

Sorry if someone elso has already mentioned this info, but so many people have already relpied and i havnt got time to ready them all, but here is my 2 bob. I felt like i was reading a post that I mgiht have left for my first bub (only I breast fed). Som aslo born c-section after faetal distress. After 3 months of screaming he finally settled. "Colic" was the unoficial diagnosis. But to this day he has sensitive boels and gets constipated easily.
If I were you I wouldnt worry about the settling till you get his bowels sorted. This may mean a change in formula (I have heard of quite a few bubs getting constipated on S26), or some other treatment, or both. Then once that has resolved seek help.

What settled my bub was a strict 3 hourly routine. he was overfed which casued him wanting to suck, which automatically made him want to feed then the circle goes around again.

All the best...

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

I would suggest trying Infants Friend. Not only does it help with wind - both burping and bowels, it also helps to regulate their bowel movements. And best of all it helps them sleep soundly. It works a treat with our little girl. We only give it to her when she gets her pains or is hard to settle but it can be given before, during or after a feed or in between feeds.

If you bottle feed it can be put in the bottle but we found it worked best given with some water 20ml when the pain came. One thing though - it claims to be pleasant tasting but our little girl doesn't really like the taste but we can manage to get the 20ml into her - perserverance isn't a problem when you know she'll feel so much better 10 minutes later. No pains, calm and generally drifts off to sleep.

Also - it's doseage is in drops so you'll need a dropper if you don't already have one.

You can read more about it on their website

In regards to him consuming 150ml if you've tried the slower teats to no avail then I would suggest a dummy too. According to Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby Book she says that some babies are just sucky babies and suggests trying a teat with a smaller hole or offering a dummy to satisfy his sucking needs. The tricky part is trying to remove it from them just before they drift off to sleep.

Well I hope that helps a little.

Good luck smile
I have a fully breast fed 5week old baby girl who used to go to sleep after a good feed and 15mins of playtime by herself, until last week. It was hard hearing her cry & cry and she wasn't getting any decent sleeps during the day - just napping in my arms on the couch.

So I got the book 'save our sleep' by Tizzy Hall & read some info on the internet (plus have info from my previous job working with bubs) and started Amelia on a routine.
It was hard going at first as she was difficult to settle and i figured after reading the info. that I would think her crying meant she must be hungry - so I kept feeding her again, then she'd settle in my arms & drift off to sleep - when it was overtiredness. I've now learnt to distinguish between her 'i'm tired', 'i'm hungry', 'i have a poo/wet nappy' cries, which helps alot with knowing what she wants.

Its been Day 3 today of following the routine & she now self settles (sometimes needing a little help) & is such a different (calm) baby.

A few other things i've read is:
* that you should try winding bubs at every 20mls if bottle fed, and between boobs if breastfed.
*Bubs shouldn't need any extra fluid other than breastmilk or formula. Don't give them sugar & water - it is not good for them other than giving them a sugar high that their bodies can't handle.
*Its not uncommon for bubs to not have a bowel motion every day.
*Bubs suck to help bring up wind - so using a dummy might help.
*Bubs should have around 6-8feeds a day - do majority of feeds in day, so they sleep more at night.
*There are no magical answers & its alot of hardwork - but the problems won't last forever.

The basic routine I follow is:
7:30am Wake & Feed
8:30-8:45am Playtime
8:45-10:30 Sleep
10:30 Wake & Feed
11:30 Playtime
11:45-13:30 Sleep
13:30 Wake & Feed
14:30-14:45 Playtime
14:45-16:30 Sleep
16:30 Wake & Feed
17:30 Playtime
17:45 Bathtime
18:10 Feed
18:50 Wind down - quiet playtime
19:00 Bedtime
21:45 Dreamfeed - quiet feed
02:30 Wake & Feed (or whenever bubs wakes up - if bubs wakes up before 1am then resettle)
07:30 START THE NEXT DAY (always wake bubs up to feed at this time, even if fed at 5:30am)

I am only new to this too - so am no expert - & its always best to ask the professionals ... sorry this is a rushed post (believe it or not) ... so hope it doesn't give off the wrong tone or anything (if you know what i mean). Hope some of it is of help.
Good luck x
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