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I am 6 weeks out from having my second baby. My sisters baby boy died of SIDS, so as a paranoid parent, I want a monitor. I have been researching (as we do), and have found this design that is different to what I have seen before - Respisense ditto Tummy Movement Monitor.

I want to know if anyone has used this monitor?

Is there a better monitor that other parents recommend?

Any advice on this topic would be appreciated.
Yes, I have this monitor and used it with my son. My husbands cousins little boy also died of SIDS a few weeks before his second birthday so I was also very paranoid and still am in a way... My little boy just turned 2 and he doesnt wear it very often now.

But anyway... this is the best thing ever invented! I like it because is vibrates to let the baby know to breathe if it forgets unlike the other monitors which just sound an alarm when bub is not breathing. I also love it as you can take it anywhere... Most newborn babies sleep anywhere so it was great to take with you. It really gives you so much peace of mind. The batteries can just be replaced. I get mine from Dick Smith and it has a 2 year warranty on it.

It has gone off a few times, but that is mainly because it has fallen off.. You just have to fold over the top of the nappy to ensure it is firmly on.

But I highly recommend it and will definately be using it again with this bub, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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