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3 week old will only sleep in swing Lock Rss

i can only get my 3 week old t sleep in her swing during the day i let her fall asleep in there and then i try to move her to her bassinette but she always wakes after 20 mins or so every time or she will fall asleep in my arms and a i try put her in the bassinette she wakes after 20 mins or so,

she has reflux but is on zantac thickened formula and ive elevated the head of her bed to help
what am i doing wrong ive tried rocking her in my arms she wont fall asleep ive tried pushing her in the pram she wont fall sleep i am at my wits end here im in tears all the time because i dont know what else to do ive been through the elimination check over and over again nothing works please someone give me some advice
my almost 4 month old DS still will not sleep during the day without a massive fight (usually round about an hour) before every nap.

i sthere a problem with her sleeping in her swing?

where abouts is the swing? maybe if its in the lounge room or there's noise then when you move her to a quiet bedroom she gets a fright from there being no noise.
GBH...i say what ever works let it be...if she sleeps only in the swing, leave her there, its obviously comfy for her and she obviously likes it so id just let her stay there. smile
I vote for leave her there as well smile

I'm a fan of doing whatever works and if the swing works then the swing it is!
She'll change her mind soon enough and probably want cuddles
yup i agree let her sleep in the swing smile
DD had her day sleep in her swing until she was 12 weeks old, then moved to her cot without any problems. Let her sleep there smile
ok this is a stupied question?? what is the swing???

anything that is going to push her head forward is not ideal for sleeping in...

Have you tried wrapping her and putting her on the side????

feeding then play then bed.... so she has time for the milk to settle....

how much formula is she having....

i rock my baby to sleep everyday in his pram..... yes i am from the whatever works parenting but if the swing pushes her head forward the way a car seat does it can cause probs with breathing... as their chin goes to their chest.

if its more lay back and not so up right if prob feels good if she is suffering from reflux. when you have reflux its not fun sleeping on your back. do you know its reflux and not just a windy tummy....

i have my baby asleep in his carrycot in his pram and have the matress elevated to help with wind but he is asleep on his side with a wedge to stop him rolling onto his tummy.
We didn't have a bassanet and my DD slept in a hammock, it was awesome!! She'd wriggle and rock herself to sleep smile Then as it was so hot we'd turn a fan on and it would rock her and be white noise at the same time!! Go the swing or get a hammock I say grin
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