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Babys in there own room Lock Rss

When did you put your baby in there own room? Thanks smile
We put DS1 in his own room when he was 6 months old and with DS2 we put him in with DS1 when he was also 6 months old. DH wanted to put DS1 in his own room sooner but I couldn't do it as I was still breastfeeding and I just preferred to have him close by but with DS2, I was losing my milk and he was sleeping through the night so we put him in with DS1. We had the Angel Care monitor so when we moved them into their own room it was on every night. We still have it under DS2 cot mattress now and he is 18 months.

I guess it's up to you and when you feel that she/he is ready to go in their own room grin

Hi Caitie smile

I have 12 month old Twin girls, and I was told by my doc and midwives, that its SIDS reccomendation to keep bubs in your room until age 1 ! ...i listened to this advice, however now im struggling ENORMOUSLY to even get my bubs in their own room for a day nap! blink
DD was in her own room at 2 days old. Her room is right next door to ours and we have never had any sleeping issues with her.

Ive never heard that sleeping babies in your room reduces the risk of SIDS

I was abused by family members for putting DD in her own room, but the proofs in the pudding!!

Its entirely up to the individual
I did it really soon after i got home as mine didn't take to the bassinet, and with co-sleeping, every little noise woke me up. He slept through from 5 weeks, so must've been the best arrangement for us.
With DS1 i put him in his own room at 4 weeks and DS2 7 weeks as he was sleeping through by then but i wasnt bcos i would wake up to every little noise he made, he is very noisy when he's asleep lol
My 10month old is still in my room he wakes through the night it works for us...

we also have other visitors in our rooms during the night also
My twins each went into there own room at 6 months but we dont have anymore rooms so our baby is still in our room we need a bigger house.

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from arriving home.. We had a baby monitor and had DD in her cot straight away. She slept good 4-6 hour stints from 6 weeks and through from 8 weeks.. DS (first child) I had to have him in my room as I was still living at home. This child I am still tossing up but am thinking baby will be in our room in basinet until 3 months or sleeping through. then share or go in its own room and DS and DD will share..
DD right now is back in our room due to moving in with mil and having to have all 4 of us in the one room. She had her own room from 2 and DS who is 1 is still co-sleeping. He will get his own room or share with DD when we can find a rental in a year or so.

When did you put your baby in there own room? Thanks smile

From day one, with both of them smile

[font="Arial Black"]Kal was in her own room form wen she was about 1yrs old and shes slept threw the night from the day i got her home. I got into trouble from the midwife wen i told her but funny thing is the always said never wake a sleeping baby.
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