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wont stay asleep when i put him in his cot Lock Rss

ok, so getting bub to sleep isnt really a problem. but if i put him down, within like a minute he's awake and screamin at me. 9 times out of 10 this happens. seems there is only once a day i'm allowed to actually put him down and him stay down, the rest of the time he wakes again. kinda frustrating esp when he sleeping and i'm sitting there staring at the roof coz i cant put him down so i can go to bed. any ideas or do i just have to wait and put up with it for a bit. dont remember my other 2 doing this. he is only 3 days old btw, its just been a few yrs since i've done all this
DD hardly ever slept in her bed when she was first born. They are very insecure, and just want to be on you all the time, which gets old fast!
Do you wrap him? if not, have you tried? Babies tend to scream when being wrapped, but sleep so much better because its like being in the womb.

I rocked DD to sleep in the early days, just because it was the only way.
have you checked for wind, nappy etc?
Is there noise? Maybe some music playing will sooth him, as the womb is a very noisy place.

i wrap him and sometimes turn on the cot music thing. check his bum and all that, just had a feed. doesnt seem to be a reason for it, besides to see if he can drive me nuts, lol. hasnt got me to that point yet as he only a few days old but i know thats where it'll end up. lol
It can get pretty intense ay!

I guess you just have to sort of wait it out, until they get used to the world a little bit.
Are you breast feeding or bottle feeding? Maybe he is going down still hungry?

You could try putting some breast milk on a breast pad and putting it in bed with him. He will smell you and hopefully it would comfort him.

Think it was about 4-5 weeks when we could put DD in her bed and her sleep in there, with the help of her dummy.

Can be so stressful! But it is only early days, so just hang in the hun

You could try warming his bed with a hottie or something, maybe he notices the change in temperature when you put him down. Make sure room is warm too and he's tightly wrapped. I remember that feeling of being stuck on the couch all the time too!

Oh yes, and a dummy was very helpful in the beginning. When he was about 3 months old he wouldn't take it anymore and progressed to sucking on a blankie smile

I read in book that because they have a light pattern of sleeping sometimes they wake up and freak out because they're in a new place when they thought they were in your arms.. We got DD to sleep in her cot by letting her play in it for a little while so she knew it was a safe place to be.
If you want a baby to sleep in their own sleeping environment, you need to let them actually fall asleep there, otherwise after a sleep cycle they will wake up confused as the last thing they remember is being asleep in your arms.

If you dont want to spend the next few months tring to sleep with them in your arms, you need to put them in the same sleeping spot awake every sleep and teach them to self settle!
My newborn has been very similar would happily sleep in our arms but within 5mins of moving him to bassinet or cot he would wake up and cry until we picked him up again. Which would be fine but with a 6yr old and work to return to sitting with him in my arms all day just wasnt going to work.

This might sound weird and i dont know why he likes it but if we cover his eyes - (we use a bib)and rub his tummy for a little bit he falls straight asleep again and stays that way. I dont know why he likes his eyes covered up but it works like magic.
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