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Using a dummy while breastfeeding. Lock Rss

I introduced a dummy during establishing breastfeeding with my new lil man, he's been guzzling and getting so much wind. Generally he will suck on my nipple which is a little painful if he's just windy but will latch and drink normally when hungry, now he's established the way i check what he wants is by running my finger down his cheek towards his mouth, if he turns into my finger and starts sucking it then he's hungry, if he's just whinging and doesn't turn into my finger i give him the dummy, I use Mam dummies, both of mine hated the nuk and cherry drop dummies but love the flat shaped ones.
I was using the avent dummies with my first but he was a massive slobberer during teething so i switched to Mam as he was getting a rash around his mouth from the slobber staying on the skin around his mouth (he wouldn't use any teethers!) and i tried giving the new man the nuk but again he hated them so i've switched him over to the Mam too!

I am a breastfeeder who doesnt use dummies. I dont think that breastfeeders who use dummies are 'wrong' but it something that I chose not to do.

In the early days of BF especially it can cause problems with milksuppy and therefore hinder BFing.

How it does that is your baby will naturally increase your milk supply by fussing and wanting extra drinks, this in turn tells your body that it needs to make more milk. This happens during growth spurts etc.

When a mum has a dummy avalible then the baby can be pacified at the times when it really important to be sucking on the breast and stimualting milk supply. This in turn reduces the bodies response and it doesnt make the milk required to sustain the baby.

I'm new to the whole baby thing and this sounds like pretty sound advice. Thanks!

Just take a dummy to hospital with you. Creates no confusion whatsoever, (must be an old wives tale). I think the bub will work out pretty quick that no milk comes out of the dummy, so where's the confusion???

(I didn't take one to hospital with first bub, as I was afraid of what the nurses might think. My baby screamed her lungs out, and refused to sleep. As soon as we got home, I bought a dummy, and she slept through from 10 days of age, breastfed for 12 months, with bottles with expressed milk every now and again. My second bub.... dummy was given immediately after first feed. Slept wonderfully immediately, and breast fed for 14 months).

Good luck

It's not confusion I don't think but rather they might spend more time sucking on the dummy than sucking on the nipple (even if not getting much) as it's what helps bring the mum's milk in. But as long as the baby is getting lots of boob access it shouldn't be an issue smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Not every baby will take a dummy either smile I tried with Lucy (as a settling technique) but she wouldn't have a bar of it! So I totally agree with the PP who said whatever works for you and baby.
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