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7 week old Rss

hi danae,
thanks for the info i will have to try that.
my son has actually been sleeping more over the past couple of nights(now that ive said that he'll probably stop)i'd like to get my son into some sort of routine.have you got some sort of routine that you are on at the moment?
i'm still having a bit of trouble tryin to get him to sleep during the day.i had it suggest that i should try the feed,play,sleep routine.where you feed ur baby, then have playtime for an hr or so, then put them to bed.i have been trying this but its the sleep part during the day that im having trouble son will either catnap for 10mins or wont sleep at all.can catnapping be classed as a sleep?
well at the moment im just happy with him sleepin 4-5hrs at night before waking for the next feed its definately been better then the 2-2.5 hrs he was waking before.

anyone with advice send it my way!

kristy,shane,zac & bella

hi kristy,
i follow the routines from there are free routines for each age group. i also had Jo Ryan from this web site come out to see me for 6 hours regarding sleep and settling. my current routine is...
7am wake, wait 10 minutes then feed (so he doesnt associate waking with food, 10 minutes is suggested)

8.15am sleep

11am wake/feed/play (10 minute break again before feed)

12.15pm sleep

3pm wake/feed/play (10 minutes again between wake and feed)

4.15pmm sleep

5.30pm wake/play

6pm bath

6.30pm bottle

7pm bed

the times do vary, but i try to push him to be awake between 1 - 1 1/2 hours. at 3 months i will be following the routine on babybliss, and feel that my current routine is gearing him towards that. i also had trouble with cat napping, and it took lots of work to get him to show some improvement. basically you need to teach your baby to self settle so that he can get to sleep and then put himself to sleep when waking again. catnapping isnt classed as sleep, anything over 1 hour is a sleep. i have found that the more sleep mine gets the better he gets at everything else.
if you want to email me i can go through what i actually did specifically (otherwise i will ramble on here forever!)

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