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Sleeping through the night? Lock Rss


I was wondering what ages people's babies started sleeping through the night? My DS1 has started sleeping through every second night. His bed time routine is the same each night and he has similar amount of sleep each day so I'm not sure what the difference is.

I feel great when he sleeps through, but the nights that he doesn't are really messing with me!
I forgot to mention he's 9 weeks old!
All babies are different my daughter is a year next week and she still isn't sleeping through. You are very lucky!
DD1 was 14 weeks when she started sleeping 12 hours at night without waking.

DD2 was 4 months old when she started. But she stopped at 6 months old. She woke for a feed every night again until she was 11 months old.
Hi, my word of advice is be hopeful that your baby will be sleeping through soon but don't expect it to happen, because if you do you may find yourself very let down.

It is normal for babies to continue to wake during the night for quite a while.

I have three little people and have clocked up many many sleepless nights and believe me when I say that eventually your body does get accustomed to lack of sleep..... and sleepless don't last forever.

There is a chance that your baby will start to sleep through and you will get great sleep. But your baby might get a little unwell, start teething,or have a break in routine that might change things completely. It is possible for your baby to go from sleeping through to not sleeping through. This is something that I was not told when I was a new mum and in my view if you know what you might have to deal with then you are more able to deal with it when and if it happens.

My 1st DD slept well between 6-9 weeks and then started to wake a couple of times a night until she was 18 months old. My 2nd DD did NOT sleep, she woke constantly in the night it seemed and some nights gave me 4hrs broken sleep a night, she settled at 2yrs but continued to wake and come into our bed a few times a night until 5yrs. My DS was a great sleeper until he got broncholitis and started getting asthma symptoms. I spent many nights up with him giving him cuddles as he coughed and coughed. For him he hated waking up because he loved his sleep, once we had the asthma under control I was able to help him with sleeping.

I have been a mummy for almost 11 yrs and I am happy to say although we still get the occasional visitor most nights all the kids sleep through. It was hard work all the sleepless nights getting up to kids that somenights seemed to be tag teaming with the goal in mind of totally robbing me of much needed sleep, but it sooooo worth it. smile
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Dd was about 14weeks when it finally happened but she kept reverting back to sleepless nights her whole first year!

Ds started sleeping 7pm-5am at about 7weeks and is still doing that now, he does go back to sleep after that 5am feed tho smile

Like Dansally said says, it's lovely that you LO is starting to sleep through the night, but don't expect it to last forever. When my bubs was around 5 months she started waking frequently again. In fact now she is two she still gets up occasionally in the night. After two years I have realised that as babies develop and grow thier sleep patterns chenge with them.

So many people put so many unrealistic expectations on babies sleeping. If you believe quite a few 'experts' and books out there, you are some kind of terible mother if your baby doesn't sleep through the night from 6 weeks old. We'll that's rubbish. All babaies are different and so are all mothers. At 9 weeks (and even up to beyond 6 months), it would be normal to expect your LO to wake for a feed. Beyond that, it's quite normal to expect them to wake for a cuddle and some reassurance.

I think that it's only been 9 weeks since your like changed forever and you bought your LO home. So it's pretty normal that lack of sleep would get to you. It gets to me sometimes. But you do get used to having less sleep than you used to, although it isn't easy.

never tongue bub is 15 months and still doesn't sleep through smile
we co-sleep so it makes it a bit easier!

as pp said, babies change all the time. Just take it as it goes. There are hard days and easy days. All part of parenthood I guess. hang in there!
My daughter still wakes between one and four times a night. Most of the time she goes back to sleep after a feed but sometimes she wants to play. She is nine months old! Just be patient and if your tired try to relax sooner or later they grow up and become teenagers and start waking you up again wink
OMG I can't believe how many of you seem to have such great sleepers! My son is now 13 months and still generally wakes at least once for a cuddle and then to go back to sleep but when he was weeks old he was sleeping 2 - 3 hourly only wanting feeding (breast)! and then it got to 3 - 4 hourly sleeps. At 9.5months I started with a formula feed at night and now I generally get one 6 hour period in there but I am not normally asleep for most of that period! You all sound so lucky.
Oh and did I mention I was pregnant again LOL so my fingers are crossed that my son starts sleeping through before my daughter arrives in September!
My Daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 1/2 months, she will be 1 at the end of this month. I feel very privileged for such a good little girl.
I have three girls. Number one slept through from 6.5 mths, formula fed after 4 months. Number two fully breastfed till 14 mths slept through from 8.5 mths. Number 3' fully breastfed sleeps through I would say 85 percent of the time, she is 14 months. I did a week stay at trescillian with her....and weirdly she has started finding objects similar looking to dummies and popping them into her mouth. Seems to be when she is teething or not well. So, they are all different.... I was always quietly wishing for a bub that slept through from 9 weeks though!
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