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  5. who else has a bub that does the power naps during the day?

who else has a bub that does the power naps during the day? Rss

hi all,

just wanting to kno who elses baby power naps during the day (20 min naps)? do they stay power nappers or do they end up napping for like 1-2hrs in a day?
How old is your bub?
Mine did 25 min power naps during the day until he was about 9 months. Then he started increasing in length - and as of about 11 months he sleeps for a max of 1 hour day sleeps - he does about 3 of them a day.

People keep telling me that he should be having only 1 day sleep now he's 14 months - but he just can't - gets way too grumpy and needs the extra sleep time.

Hope your little one starts sleeping longer - I remember feeling like I wasn't getting any time during the day to do ANYTHING - that 25 in sleep he used to have, I could rush around like a headless chook and get the house clean, or I could sit down and have a cuppa. I ended up just accepting it and sitting down to relax for that tiny amount of time I could! Good luck! xx
hi... yes, I have a 8 week old who is a cat napper during the day. He does however, do an occasional 1 hour sleep.
My first child used to do the same for the first few months, but by 4-5 months the times grew longer and he was having 3 longer sleeps a day. smile
My DD is a cat napper during the day. She has a nap in the morning & a nap in the afternoon, both are 40 mins long. She's been doing this since about 3 months of age, she's now 7 months, she is a brilliant night time sleeper & goes to bed at 5.30pm & up at 5am so can't complain at all.
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