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routines and going out??? Lock Rss

just wanting to know how you manage to keep to your childs routine and still manage to go out either to do the shopping or on longer outings like family events?
i try and keep aaron to his routine and dread having to take him out as he becomes overtired and cranky and wont settle when we get home. i try to go out just after a feed and be home before the next but this dosent always happen.
we have a family bday party coming up that starts at 7pm really not sure if it is a good idea to go...
any advise would be great.

I always try to time appointments ect around DD sleeps and try to go out just after a feed also.When we go to friends places for tea or to my mums ect we always go alittle early and feed DD there and settle her down there for a sleep and if it works out we try to leave for home so we arrive just in time for her dreamfeed.This seems to work for us & It would be a shame to have to miss out on a party...
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