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Feeling frustrated. Newborn unsettled after feeds. Lock Rss

My baby girl is 3 weeks old and is bottle fed (formula S26). After every feed she is very unsettled. 5 - 10 minutes later, she will start to squirm and then start crying. Trying every position i can to get her settled, it doesnt seem to work. She burps with every feed which is good, i burp her every few minutes during her feeds and she brings up burps. I feel as if im running out of things to try to get her settled. She cries like she is in pain, like tummy pains possibly?!?!
This is my first baby, so im getting to learn all these things! Has any other mums out there had this problem with their newborn? I get told that this is normal, but im really thinking it is not! I suppose its "a mums feeling" that something is not right. Im thinking on trying Infacol, but she might be to young for that?? Or even trying her on a Soy formula ( S26 Soy ). I also cant drink cows milk because it upsets my stomach, eg: tummy pains. Maybe she might have the same thing???

Need some help or options sad
Where can i buy infants friend from? The chemist??
I heard Novalac is a pretty good formula, heard good things about it. Im just getting so down and frustrated because i dont know whats wrong and i want her to be okay after her feeds. I feel so helpless that i cant help her. sad
And now she is not sleeping as well as what she use to, shes starting to be really fussy through her sleeps, she use to be a silent sleeper. It normally takes her an hour to an hour and a half for her to finally fall asleep after her feeds sad
Is it that she's not settling to sleep, or just upset after feeds when she should be playing?

Upset and not settling to sleep after feeds. I just fed her just then, and it was instant cry within 5 minutes after feeding. One cry was with her crying like she was out of breath, paused and her face went really red. I burped her, and she burped every time i burped her. I done different positions for her, still cried. Giving her the dummy settles her sometimes. She has the dummy right now, laying on the couch, squirming and a little whingy, but definitely not going to sleep any time soon.
What bottle do u use..? I used avent and it really helps my bub to settle after feeds
Im using Avent bottles.
I seen the Child Health nurses on friday, and they said it was normal, im still yet to believe them! The way she crys, doesnt sound normal at all, and it seems to be getting worse. Im going back there tomorrow, so again, i will tell them whats going on and see what they say.
Maybe i also need to change bottles. Iv read good things about Dr Brown bottles. I have no idea where to buy them other then Ebay.
I bought Dr. Brown bottles in babywarehouse ... You can look it up on their websites
Hi my dd is almost 12w old and we started her on formula at 3w, we use s26 also. I can highly recommend using brauer stomach calm, buy it from the chemist. It has really helped my dd when she was in pain from wind.
On the bottles, I was using the standard avent ones and recently (only last week) bought the naturals ones and have found that she is not getting as much wind pain (apparently these allow the air back into the bottle not into baby's belly). Hopefully this helps. It's not nice to feel helpless when bubs is upset.

My son is 10 months and he used to have the same problem when he was a newborn.

Turned out he had reflux. I then switched him to Karicare Aptamil Anti Reflux formula and it worked like magic!! I saw a massive difference just after the first feed!

Also, as said above. I used to give him a dose of Infant's friend around 5pm. I found he slept better with it. The first few weeks were just like you described it. Talk to your doctor about it though!
my second bub was also unsettled on s26. she had a lot of winnd & her poo was dark green & she screamed alot. she was having only one bottle a day, but it wasn't working for her. our first had no drama with s26, so we were confused. i changed formula to nan da pro & she's been fine with it. no wind, no screaming, no dark green poo!
Mumof2hunnys wrote:
Yes from the chemist, I know how you feel, it will get better with infants friend helps so much. It's awful listening to them cry both of my girls went through this. You could also change bottles to dr browns they are supposed to help a lot with babies taking in extra air when feeding with also causes pain. Good luck smile

I use Dr Browns bottles, they are amazing (my cousin recommended them as she had big issues with crying bub after every feed) and Karicare formula (non gold) has never suffered from excess wind after feeds, couple of burbs and sometimes a wee fart lol, and thats it, good luck.

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