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Cot inserts Rss

Hi has anyone one heard of or used a "secure beginnings" cot insert? It comes from America and you use it instead of a cot mattress. Is yes, please tell me your thoughts & for and against the product.
I just used a firm foam mattress in my son's cot with a protector and sheet. It's still in perfect condition so I will be using it for my next baby too. It came free with my cot from Baby World.
From reading about the "Secure Beginnings" cot insert it appears it is mainly recommended for babies with re-flux or for parents who intend for their children to sleep face down. I think if you feel confident that your child will be sleeping on their back 99% of the time, paying extra isn't really going to make much of a difference. I'm all for child safety, don't get me wrong, but I feel it is an unnecessary step.
If you're worried about your child rolling over in their sleep, check on them through the night and turn them back over if need be or use a sleep wedge to keep them supported.
Yeah I used a regular cot mattress for my 3 boys. Was just looking at new products since my youngest is 8!! Lots of new things out there. Was just curious to hear about anyone that used one. They are pricey and the shipping cost is ludicrous.
I just looked up these mattresses and that's a really good idea! I actually want one, but I can't afford $599 for a mattress, sigh!! If you can afford it, go for it. They look awesome and much safer than the norm.
My boy has a $90 cot mattress from target. It's very comfy and firm and does the trick! But hey like I said if you can afford it, get one! I would! Seems very practical for when baby decides they what to roll over n tummy sleep. Because at around 5-6 months, most babys do. My boy is just doing that now, I'm too scared to let him stay on his tummy so I roll him back over once he's in a deep sleep smile

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