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OMG!!!! SHE SLEPT THROUGH!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Last night, I had the BEST sleep I have had since Brooke was born (maybe even before then...)!
I put Brooke down last night at 7:30pm...I stayed up til 1am, thinking I'd stay awake till her first feed...saving her from waking me up, lol.
Instead, I dreamfed her at 1am, and she slept right through until 7am!
But wait it gets better again...I fed her and put her back to bed again (not thinking she would really sleep), and she slept again until 10:50!
I can't believe how refreshed I feel today!
Just hope she doesn't make up for it
Just had to share!

Mum to Hailey (5.6.00) & Brooklyn (14.2.06)

congratulations jojodes... My little one is 7 weeks old and i can't wait for the nite he sleeps through...


Rhi, QLD, 6wk baby

Congrats!!!! You are very lucky!!! How old is bub??

Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

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