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Please help!! 13 week baby doesn't sleep and is always unhappy Lock Rss

My daughter was born 8 weeks early(32weeks) spent 4 weeks in NICU, was so calm and relaxed. She has been home for 9 weeks had to change formula because they used my BM and pre made formula to feed her so when she got home I changed to powered formula and she never sleep and always screams it's got so much for me I've tried everything to settle her but she squirms and Cry's all night when she does sleep she will only sleep on her tummy. I've changed formulas, she's on anti reflux medication, gripe water. Its really getting to me and I feel like she hates me because she just will not settle I'm up from 10pm till 1am with a screaming baby that will not stop. Please help I'll take any suggestions right now.
Will she lay on your chest on her tummy to sleep? In a rocking chair? I am sure you want her to sleep alone etc but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get some rest. She will grow out of this stage but in the meantime it's a nightmare. Let her settle on her tummy if it works; babies have been tummy sleeping safely for many years even if we're told not to do it. Sometimes it's the only way to help them settle. Good luck.
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