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3 month old settling Lock Rss

I have been trying a settling technique with my 3 month old daughter. She usually sleeps 12 hours during the night, but catnaps for 45 minutes during the day. After her 45 minute catnap I go in and pat her and give her back her dummy. After a few days of doing this it seems to works but if I break the cycle and have to go out for the day, the whole routine is thrown out the window and I have to start again.
How long will it take before it lasts?
What should I do when I go out? Should I keep doing the patting/dummy thing while she is alseep in the pram?

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

I have a 5mth old he has a strict rutine every day and I have the same prob as you if we go out and interrupt when he would norm sleep oh my god the rest of the day is a nightmare. I just try as hard as I can not to break it cause i feel we have a good thing happening. I'm sure it will get better with age. I think babies just get comfortable with their own home but it is a bugger sometimes I know what you mean.
Good luck any way but I suggest planning around naps.
Works for me.

Mumma of 3.

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