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day sleep?? Lock Rss

where ndo all ur babys sleep during the day??? how old are they? how long do they sleep for at a time? how many sleeps?

lol sorry for all the questions!!!

***haydens mum***

my DS is 10 weeks. he has 3 day sleeps. I am trying to get him onto a routine.

7am wake

Sleep times 8.30am - 11am
then we have bath, bottle and bed at 7pm.

He doesnt always sleep to the exact time, and he still catnaps through most day sleeps, but i leave him in his cot (i have got him up after catnap and he is TERRIBLE! too tired, grizzly and unhappy). hopefully soon he will learn just to go back to sleep!
He has four bottles through the day
7am, 11am, 3pm, 6.30pm and has one overnight feed. I dont do the dream feed (personal choice).
Hope this helps!

my bub is almost 9weeks and her routine is:
about 8.30 wake
feed, play and finish feeding until about 9.30am
bath then
place in bouncer near me while i do bit of morning house work.
play with her until about 11.30am, then feed her
12.00pm sleep
about 3.30/4pm feed, play
awake till 6.30pm give feed
sleep until 9pm(if doesnt catnap)
feed then put in room with lights dimmed at about 10.30pm and will sleep through until about 4.30/5am

PS: im just gradually learning not to attend to bub straight away, i just talk to her from a distance and walk by her so she can see me too when she's awake for a period..
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