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Feed, play, sleep or feed, cry, sleep? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I keep reading about routine and how good it is for our bubs', about how we should follow a 'feed, play, sleep' routine. However, my life seems to be ruled by a constant 'feed, cry, sleep' roundabout. I feed him, he cries for a bit, I try putting him in his rocker for a while and entertain him, but he just cries after max of 10 minutes. All he wants is to be held and then he drifts off to sleep and I put him down. Or I put him down and push the pusher back and forth until he's off.

I should say that this is only during the day, at night he goes straight to sleep after feeds mostly. Sometimes during the afternoon, the crying time goes on for ages. He'll cry, then settle down, then realises he was crying so starts again, etc, etc... sometimes stays up from feed to feed time again. I think he has a little wind, but doesn't seem to be in pain mostly (doesn't draw his legs up much, like people describe).

Is anyone else going through or has gone through this? I feel bad that I'm not 'playing' with him, but how can I when he's upset? I'm afraid his development will be impaired.

BTW - he is 6 weeks old tomorrow. Maybe it's just a bad time? Any help/reassurance would be appreciated.
you poor thing! rest assured - it will get better! if you have ruled out all problems (reflux, colic etc) then it may be that he just likes cuddles. you may need to *teach* him that playtime means playtime not crytime! persist with getting on the floor with him and his toys and have some tummy time. if he sooks, let him go. but if he really cries, i'd pick him up because theres possibly something wrong. have you tried different things for playtime? for variety? my DS has a rocker, swing, playmat, gym and a cushion thing for tummy time. add to that all his toys, theres lots of variety for when he gets bored of one thing.
babies go through periods when they cry. this is their only means of communication. a cry can mean a thousand things!
dont feel bad for not playing with him - there is plenty of time for that. his development will NOT be impared unless this turns into a long term problem. if you feel this is the case, talk with your CHN.
if you ever want to talk, my email is [email protected]

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

hi im a new mum also. my son (born 10.04.06)loves cuddles to the point that i cant put him down during the day. so now for play time i get on the floor and lay on my back. he can then lay on my stomach so he can play and have has his cuddles at the same time.

KaT, nsw,single mum (dad ran away)

Hi Jess

This is my story word for word! I have been advised to get into a routine of feed play sleep but it just isn't working!

When we do settle him, he realises it's too quiet and starts up again, and like yours, he sleeps great at nite.

I don't get much done during the day, it feels like I am always trying to settle him. We have just come to the conclusion that he is just a whingy baby and he will grow out of it - but how long will it take??

Most importantly, I don't think your baby's development will be impaired, as you say you can't have play time when he is upset, I am sure he will benefit from it when he is ready to.

All the best!

Mum of 2 perfect boys wink

I am currently having a similar problem with my 9wk old, it actually started to get worse after she had her two month immunisations. After a feed she normally falls alsleep but when I put her down she will only sleep for about 15mins and then wakes suddenly and looks for me before she just starts crying. She won't go back to sleep unless I pick her up and settle her again, then she goes to sleep and I put her down and the same thing happens.
I can't do anything through the day and am lost on how to start her self settling, as she gets so upset that after a certain point even if I pick her up it takes so long for her to settle down. She seems to hardly sleep during the day unless I am cuddling her. The sleep she is getting just isn't enough. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated as this is really wearing me down.

Hi Jess well the sleep cry feed thing was what was happening in my house as well i just finally got the courage to lay my lil one down aand not rock or hold him til he drifted off it was hard but well worth it .. i personally dont thing your lil mans development will be impaired none of my childrens were tht is including the eldest one who is now 7yrs old

angels sit upon shoulders when u feel all alone

I am also going through the same thing, my little one is 9wks tomorrow and seems to be getting worse rather than better, this is my 2nd child and there is only 17mths between the two but do you think I can remember what my first was like at this age!! I have heaps of play things but she doesn't seem interested in much at all, I was really strict with the feed/play/sleep with my first child and i guess having less time with my second that I cant spend as much time with her on the floor so alot of the times I have to let her cry more. She is also good at night but not during the days - maybe its an age thing.

Lorraine, WA

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