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Help - Want to start a routine .... Lock Rss

I have decided to start my girl on a routine... she is about 3 1/2 months old.

Nothing else seems to work, but i have heard and read alot about routines helping babies be much more settled and content.

I have read Tizzie Halls book and want to follow her routine..... BUT i dont know how to start !

Anyone who is following her routines, can you pls help?

My girl wakes up before 7am (usually around 6.630ish) each day and goes down around 8pm.

How should i start to introduce Tizzie's routine ???


I have tizzie halls book too and tried putting my 8 week old on the routines and I have the same problem, Baby either wakes before 7 or slept right through to 8.
I wake her at 7 if it looks like she is going to sleep past, or if she wakes earlier I resettle her and she will usually go back to sleep and wake closer to 7.

I just use baby''s times as the guides, she sleeps the same amount of time as in the routines. She is much more settled and contented and doesnt cry much so thats all I could ask for, I dont really think the rigidity of the routines is needed.

Bring Baby's bedtime forward as a start, see how that goes, so she is in bed at 7pm. Let me know how you go. Good Luck.
I use the routines from they are free and are for each age group. i find that the times are more flexible which seems to suit my DS better.

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