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in need of some kind words...!! Lock Rss

i give up! i have an 11 week old DS who has been a serial catnapper for the last 6 weeks. i have done the SAME thing everytime he wakes, paid for a private sleep consultant who said i was doing everything right! and here i am today, listening to him cry after another 45 minute cat nap! even the sleep consultant cant understand why it has taken 4 weeks and he still wont go to sleep after 45 minute sleep cycle!
is it worth perservering?? if i get him up he is just cranky and tired, so i know he needs the sleep. he isnt in pain, just protesting! when will he get it!!?? i try resettling, and he just gets angry that i wont take him out of his room. can anyone who has broken catnapping tell me that it gets better! how long did it take!???
i will continue to pull my hair out...

hey danae
i have a 9week old bub and she too catnaps since she was 5 weeks.. she only has one good sleep about midday until about 3.00pm and then after that its catnapping until about 10.30pm which is when she'll actually sleep properly.

i dont know how mothers put their bubs to sleep all the time for a good sleep so i've given up and as long as she has one good sleep in the day,( where i do everything!) and sleeps good at night with only one wake at about 3.30am i think thats good enough...

i think every bub is diffferent and one way wont work for all babies...

Does you bub have and good sleep during the day???
I've had the exact same thing for the last 2 weeks. My 13 week old bub was getting 2 half hour naps during the day and no more. For the last few days I've written down the whole day in half hour blocks and that's when I figured out that she will wake up nearly 30 minutes to the second. We have her in a cradle that you can rock (I'm not saying to buy one), and at around the 25 minute mark, I watch her and if I see her beginning to wake up, I'll start rocking. If she gets past the 30 minute mark, she'll pretty much go into a deep deep sleep for maybe 2 hours. If you can find something similar that gets her past her 45 minute mark - it might be music, stroking her head, or rocking her.

16 month old

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