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my 16 week old DD wakes up for a bottle around 130 this mornning and would not go back to sleep till 330 then up at 630, every now and then she will do this nd just want to play. how can i stop her. i leaver her in her cot to play by her self

mother of summa-lee and jaxsen

kat, do you talk to her?

When she wakes up, dont say a thing, keep the lights low and dont change her nappy. Once finished with the feed, wrap and put straight back to bed. If she is talking to herself then thats fine, its once she starts crying you need to resettle.

Mt little boy Jordan does this sometimes. I just wrap and put straight back into his cradle. He can be talking to himself for up to half and hour at times, I then hear a yawn and he puts himself back to sleep.

Hope this has helped.


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