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Monitor ON or OFF at Night? Lock Rss

My 7 week old is in her own room now which is only the room next to our bedroom. I keep the monitor during the night though she's such a loud sleeper that I don't get any sleep because I'm to worried about her breathing and in case she stops and I don't hear her. I can hear her loud and clear when she's ready for her feed if I don't have the monitor on so should I just switch it off?

Christine - Olivia 8/04/06 & Christian 26/04/07

yup switch it off..... i had the same thing we had it on and i wasn't getting any sleep now we have turned it off and i get straight back to sleep after feeding her it's sooooooooo much better.

katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

Hi, I used to have the moniter on but it was picking up noises from outside as well as baby and constantly clicking so I turned it off and now I sleep soundly through the night. Plus I always hear if he stirs, I think that is just a mothers instinct. I have also put him in a cot from day one with nothing else in the cot and just have to be confident he is OK.

Good luck smile
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