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sleep on my arm all day Lock Rss

Help.... I need any advise about how to put my 2 mth old princess sleep on her own instead on my arm all day. I tried the sleeping pattern advised by nurse to let her cry and pat her for a while and leave her again. It didn't work for my little one. She will keep crying histerically until I pick her up. Then she fall asleep. Once she sleep for about half an hour, I tried to put her in her bed, she wake up again. Even just her bum touch the bed, she know it already. So I have to carry her all day and has difficulty to do my own thing and take care of my 3 1/2 yo son. Luckily she didn't do the same thing at night. Night time she will sleep peacefully in her on bed without the need of carrying her. But wake up in the morning around 10.00 , the bad habit start again until 10.00 pm.Is anybody has the same problem with me????

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

Hi, instead of holding her for 1/2 an hour until she's fast asleep put her down the second you see she's relaxed and almost dozing off. I do this with my seven week old and it works much better. I also have a mobile hanging over her cot and I'll put that on sometimes and that'll distract her and most of the time she'll fall asleep before the songs over.

Christine - Olivia 8/04/06 & Christian 26/04/07

Use the Feed, play, sleep technique.
Feed is in your arms
Play is down on the mat
Sleep is in her cot.

Feed your baby, burp her, then put her down on the floor to play and then watch for her tired signs.
She may start to grizzle, yawn, have jerky movements. At this time, wrap her up and put her in her cot AWAKE.

She may start to cry but leave her there. She needs to learn to fall asleep on her own rather than being aided to sleep by you carrying her.
I had the same problems as you when my bub was younger, she is 9 weeks old now and is able to self settle, and go to sleep on her own after I put her in the cot awake.

I have Tizie Halls book and could email you some tips out of it if you like or talk on msn.
my msn [email protected]
I too am having the same problem at the moment, however I think it is due to the fact that my son sleeps straight through the night (soemtimes up to 12 hours). My girlfriend gave me a hug-a-bub earlier this week. It is great you just wrap the material around your body & the baby sits in the front. My son enjoys this as he is close to my body & I love it to as I get to continue with my jobs. This may work for you too?

Kylie, NSW, mother of Kynan

hi everyone... im a new mum, my little boy is 10wks. Im having the same problem, he doesnt sleep during the day unless in the car. If he falls asleep in my arms and i go to put him down, he cries till i pick him up. im worried if im spoiling too much with picking him up when he cries.
any advice????
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