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Sleepwear and winter Lock Rss

Just wondering what you put on your newborns at night. My house is very cold and I have been putting on a growsuit of some discription, wrapped in a warm blanket then one on top. I have found that he sleeps very well when in bed with us but not on his own. This is leading me to think that maybe he is getting cold and I am not rugging him up enough. Last night he slept on the bed with me, as partner was away, I had the electric blanket on and it was one of the better sleeps he has had and me for that matter.

So I guess, what do you dress your babe in and is there an electric blanket of some description that can be used in bassenettes etc, btw he is only tiny, about 2.8kg at the moment.

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

i dress mine the same as you and use a sheet and a blanket but i also have a heater in her room! so it's always nice and warm in there... and when i get up to feed her it's nice for me too!

katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

they get very cold when they are young.
i would not use an electric blanket tho as bubs cannot control their body temperature.
and using a heater u need to ensure there is fresh air coming in.
i used a bonds winter suit and then i had 2 blankets over.

i don't know how old ur bub is ?
but if u wrap ur baby too that will keep him warm and feel snuggled and safe.

Danni, WA,

I putva long sleeve legless bodysuit (a cotton/wool thermal one) with a wondersuit on top. I use a cotton flannel wrap with one thin bamboo blanket folded over and one thick warm blanket folded over, so essentially 4 blankets
Do you remember what they used at the hospital? Its usually cold at hospitals and I found the midwives really rugged up the babies with lots of blankets
Also I would be using a cotton wrap and blankets over the top, no wrapping the baby in a blanket. Its safer and thay way easier to remove layers if the back of their neck feels sweaty at night..

We have the room set at no less than 18 degrees (ducted heating) and DS2 is dressed in a singlet, a growth suit, swaddled in a blanket with another blanket on the top (folded over). On really chilly nights I put an extra light blanket on him.

I really wouldn't use an electric blanket as they can be really unsafe, especially in a bassinet. My DS hated being swaddled from about 3 days onwards so for bedtime he has a singlet, jumpsuit, flannelette sheet, thing crochet blanket and also a proper little fleece doona. I have one doona that is warmer than the other and just alternate depending on how cold it is. I find though the bassinet being enclosed at the sides already offers some protection from the cold. It's really hard sometimes not to overheat them but to also make then warm enough.

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