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Catnapping!!!! Lock Rss

My 10 week old has just developed the habit of catnapping for 45 minutes when i put her down during the day. She has settled well from birth but now she only sleeps for 45 minutes...Is this normal? When I resettle her she cries and won't go back to sleep. If I get her up she is very content and stays awake till her next feed. She sleeps around 8 hours at night straight. is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Sonia mum of Jessie

I hear what you are saying my son is the same sleeping straight through the night & not much of the day. It is driving me crazy!! My mother tells me not to complain as he sleeps of a night, however I somtimes I wonder if it is better? I am not getting much done during the day. A girlfriend just gave me a hug-a-bub earlier this week & swears by it! I will test is out & let you know how it goes.

Kylie, NSW, mother of Kynan

hi sonny74,
catnapping is normal as babies have to be taught to resettle. i have a serial catnapper and have taken 5 weeks to get him to sleep through 2 sleep cycles through the day! he also sleeps well through the night, having just one night feed.
my DS however was not happy after a catnap and was just tired and grumpy so i had to teach him to resettle so he could get the sleep he needs. now at 12 weeks he has an 1 1/2 hour sleep in morning, 2 1/2 hour sleep at midday and 45 minutes in afternoon before going to bed. he is staying awake for two hours and has lots of kick time so that he is tired out and will sleep.
Tizzie hall has suggested that babies who catnap through the day eventually catnap through the night. i think she says at around 6 months or 8 kilos there sleep patterns change. i was terrified of this! so i have worked hard on his sleep to avoid it! not sure if it is true, but i wasnt taking the risk! my 12 week old was 7.5 kilos two weeks ago, so he will be 8 kilos soon!!

yes -catnapping is driving me made. 1/2 hr only morning and afternoon but sleeps well at nite

Claire, Brisbane, 3mth baby boy

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