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How can I get a routine happening?? Lock Rss

Hi there, I am a new Mum of a 8 1/2 week old baby boy and I have been reading all the topics about baby's routines. I don't seem to have my son in a routine at all, he is all over the place!!! When does a so called normal routine start to happen??
I can not complain at night-time because when he does go down at night between 8-10pm, he will sleep for 5-6 hours have a feed then go back to sleep straight away for another 5 hours or so. During the day though he seems to catnap and I am often feeding him every 2 hours. Somedays he likes playtime and other days he is grizzly and just wants to be held, so hence do not get much done. I do offer him both sides as I am fully breastfeeding and most times he takes both. I am at the moment trying to extend these feeds to 3 hourly but it is hard. Also in the afternoon between 5pm and 10pm he can be awake, thats 5hours awake!!! I do try to put him in his cot to sleep as I am sure he is very tired and gets overtired, but this self settle thing does not seem to work for him or me as I leave him in his cot crying on and off for at least half and hour going in every couple of minutes to settle him down. In the morning when he wakes at around 5am-6am he will feed and sometimes go straight to sleep again but only for a couple of hours and sometimes only for a hour, should I be letting him go to sleep or should I keep him awake??? Generally he is a very good baby and I can not complain when we go out as he is the perfect child, I would just like a little more routine in his and my life!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

QLD, 1st child

Start using the Feed, Play, Sleep method.
Feed is in your arms
Play is down on the mat
Sleep is in his cot.

Feed your baby, burp him, then put him down
on the floor for some play time, then watch for his tired signs, he will grizzle, have jerky movements and generally unhappy.
Wrap him up and put him in his cot AWAKE

with the self settling it really is consistentcy that is needed and some perseverance. Babies need to be taught to sleep, I followed the feed, play sleep and still do, and everyhting else seemed to fall into place with my baby.

I had to be tolerant with the self settling, it took 2 weeks, now it is great, she is up at 7am, back down to sleep at 8 and usually wakes around 10-10.30. She's sleeping thru the night now going down at 7pm. Try and get a copy of Tizzie Halls book Save Our sleep, it really helped me to understand how babies sleep, and how we can help them to sleep. Once you get that sorted, you will find a routine, or pattern that you can plan around.
Also your bub wont cry much, because a routine has been established and he knows when the next feed is coming etc.
You may need to talk to your health nurse about the feeding. I had the same problem when my bub was younger, she's nine weeks now, our feeding is established. Don't forget it takes around 8 weeks for your feeding to get up and running properly, exactly the age your bub is now.
Good luck, hope I'm of some help.
hi there mums,
My boy is 10wks. I still dont have a routine with him in the day time. After a feed, he likes to play and doesnt want to sleep. He will stay awake for hours. I feed every 2.5hrs but i want to extend to 3 hrs. How do i get him into a routine??
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