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Its Time To Sleep Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has bought and read the book or seen the DVD 'Its Time To Sleep' by maree viotto ??

Has it helped get your child to sleep through the night ???


Hi Nelsie,

I bought this DVD and book after reading about it in a baby magazine here in NZ. My baby was 6 weeks old when we started implementing the routine after we were having a nightmare time just settling him to sleep.

He did not sleep through the night until 10 weeks old, however we are not sure if this was due to the techniques we were using, or the fact that we found out he had silent reflux and had started treating him for it.

If anything it gave us hope at a time when my husband and I were at our wits was hard going but Jack is a good sleeper now. No complaints so far!

Decima NZ, 3mth baby

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