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growth spurts Lock Rss

can anyone tell me how growth spurts have affected sleep and settling (if at all). my DS is 12 weeks tomorrow and his sleep patterns have changed, and it was suggested that it maybe a growth spurt.
what are other symptoms/behaviours??

What are his sleep patterns like? Are they getting better or worse?

My little boy changed completely after the 12 weeks stint. He started to sleep better, the crying dyed down and the self settling began. He also stopped getting wind pains. It was like a had a new relaxed little boy.

He is 5 months next week and all is going really well.


they are hungrier, they could be restless, they may pik up a feed or two. they will probably feed more often and it usually lasts for a couple of weeks.
i was exhausted by the time my bubs first growths spurt finished..

Danni, WA,

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