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Sleeping Bags Lock Rss

Hi to all you mothers out there (and fathers)

I found my 10 week DS last night unrapped and had moved up the cot leaving the wrap under the sheets (that were still firmly tucked in). He has always slept with his arms up while being wrapped but because of last night I was thinking about putting him in a baby sleeping bag. My question is with this cold weather what should I dress him in under the sleeping bag? Should i trial the sleeping bag through the days first? Should I maybe unwrap one arm at a time (although an worried he will get cold at night if he continues to wriggle out of his wrap and move out from the sheets) or is he to young to go into a sleeping bag?

I really appreciate any advice any parent has for me as I am a first time mum and am still learning the ropes.


Blake 21/3/06 Parramatta N.S.W

Melly & Blake 21/03/06 N.S.W

I've been putting my bub in a sleeping bag since 6 weeks, she's alomost 10 weeks now and I think the sleeping bag is great.
I have been putting a bonds sleepsuit on her underneath the sleeping bag now that it is getting cold, and blanket on top when I think its going to be a very cold one.

Just make sure the sleeping bag fits well, I got my bub a Grobag- which are pretty expensive, but I found some polar fleece ones at Best N Less.
Having her in the sleeping bag puts my mind at ease, no more worrying about blankets smothering Bub, and no more Baby waking in the night because she's kicked the covers off and got cold.
hi mums,
my son is 10wks. last night i used the sleeping bag and it worked wonders. he was warm, rugged up and slept thru the night.
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