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Back to sleep in the middle of the night Lock Rss

Just wondering how you all put baby back to sleep after the night time feeds?

Her room is dark, i don't talk to her or change her nappy.. just pick her up, feed her and put her down.

Sometimes she stays asleep after her feed, but other times even though i put her back in her cot asleep, she will wriggle around then wake up !!

How should i get her back to sleep? Leaving her to cry seems unrealistic in the middle of the night ?!

I often re-feed/rock and try again, but this can take up to an hour !!

Any ideas??


my DS is always awake after his night feed. i just change his nappy, feed, burp and put him back. i feed him in the nursery, with the night light on, dont talk or make eye contact. he just gets put down and puts himself back to sleep. sometimes you hear him talking for up to 1/2 hour, but he doesnt cry. he did cry for 2 nights about a month ago, and i just had to pat and shhh for an hour to get him back to sleep (this is the same thing i do through the day). the second night he cried it only took about 10 minutes, and he hasnt cried since.
he has just been through a stage where he cries at odd times eg. 1.30am, 4am, 5.30am but he isnt hungry and i just leave him (because if he sees me he gets worse). He isnt screaming, just protesting, but as i havent gone to him he has stopped doing it. it is hard to hear them cry at night, it always seems louder and lasts for longer than through the day. but it is up to you. if you are comfortable to try resettling by pat and shh there will be some crying. how old is your DD? my DS is 12 weeks. i think as long as you are consitent and persistent then eventually they get it and the hard work is worth it.

i have a 10week old bub and i onlly put her in the bedroom when its bedtime, so its only really dark when its night time. when it comes to feeding her i turn the lamp light on to feed, dont change her, just burp her, tell her its back to bed, wrap her up and back to bed with the lights off. i stay there in the dark for about 5min just to make sure she isnt restless and if she is i just pat her in the dark..
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