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9 week old night sleeps Lock Rss

my bubs is 9 weeks old and will go to be at 6-6.30 i have trid to make her awake longer with an extra nap late arvo. but as soon as it hits that time all she wants to do is go to bed.. she will then sleep till 7am with one bottle sometimes 2 during that period.

just wanting to know other babys at about the same ages night sleep patters.. if she stays awake longer with her last feed later could she sleep through?


my daughter at that age slept all the way though the night and still does (6 months now)

She has her last bottle at about 6.30/7 and then bed. SLeeps for 12/13 hours a night smile

She hada period where she would wake up at 3am so I pushed her bed time back a little. that meant that i had to give her a nap at about 5pm. Worked wonders.


Hi Renees_Mummy

I have a 9wk old baby as well & our night routine is pretty flexible but goes something like this;

bath anytime between 5:30-6pm
play time straight afterwards
feed (I am breastfeeding) at approx 6:45pm
bed at approx 7:15-7:30pm
dreamfeed at approx 10pm or whenever I go to bed

DS then sleeps through till 5:30am, has a nappy change & small feed & back to bed till about 7am.

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi Renees mum;

My DS is exactly the same. He somehow chose this time and I was hoping it would be later aswell. Between 4 - 6 he will have a feed then bath and then feed again and when 6 o'clock hits he practically falls asleep. then wakes at 1am and sometimes 3:30am for top up feeds and then awake by 6am. I have tried dreamfeeding at 10'clock and then he sleeps until about 2am and one time 3:30 so it makes things a little easier for me.

Hope this helps


Melly & Blake 21/03/06 N.S.W

Hi Renee,

My bub is 10 weeks tomorrow and I found a really good technique that works for my little man. I give him a bottle every 3-4 hours with the last one at around 11pm. I make sure he's got a clean nappy as it irritates him if he's wet and he sleeps until about 6am the next morning. It's great - no more middle of the night feeds! If he's not awake for the feeds up until 11pm we wake him up and give him a bottle. Even if he's half-asleep he'll still have it and goes back to sleep pretty quickly. Last night he started his bottle at around 11pm and was back asleep by 11:30. We find that he has one big five to six hour sleep every 24 hours and the trick was to manipulate it so that this big sleep was when we were asleep. I hope this helps, it may work for you. The trick is to find what works for your baby and then keep doing it.

All the best,

Shontelle smile


dear renees mummy,
my little boy goes to bed bout 7pm we feed him at 10.3 and then hell have a feed sometime from 2.3-5 and again to start fresh at 7.3
i dont think it matters bout sleep through the day, he only cat naps all day as long as she is thriving on that routine, i wouldnt mess with her sleeps i would stick to it maybe just through in that roll over feed at 10-10.3 and you might get lucky, i
all the best

kellie, qld, 3mth baby

hi, i have an 8 week old baby girl, who until about a week ago was on four hourly feeds and she always woke right on time! but now she sleeps for most of the night. she has her last feed between 9 -10pm and then wakes for a feed between 5 -6am then goes back to sleep for another 4 or 5 hours to start the days four hourly feeds around 9 or 10am until bed. she is bottlefed and has 120ml of s26 gold but for the past week during her day feeds she has been having an extra 60mls if she still appears hungry. i believe the extra feeds during the day help her to sleep around 7 or 8, sometimes 10 hours a night. i tried keeping her awake longer before bed but this just made her harder to settle after her feeds.
hope this might be some help.
renee,25, SA

Renee, SA, 8 wk baby girl, 4 yr old boy

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