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anyone one with 4 week old babies? Lock Rss

I have a little princess that is 4 weeks old.

I am wondering the sorts of things other babies do around her age... how much do they sleep- how many feeds, how long it takes to settle them after a feed, how many times they wake up at night etc

Little Sarah has a feed around midnight, then around 4 and then around 7 or 8am
My baby Ryan feeds at the same time as your Sarah and I am teaching him at the moment how to settle himself back to sleep without me having to rock him or nurse him back to sleep. I had been trying for a few days but last night was the first night that it worked a treat. He had a feed about 7pm i gave him a good burp and even though he was wide awake I wrapped him and put him down in his cot. He stayed quiet for about 5 min and then had a little cry I went in after waiting about 3-4 min gave him a little cuddle and put him back down gave him a dummy and closed his door and left the room. I didn't hear any noises so I checked on him about 10 min later and he was out cold. He then woke up at 12.30 for a feed after that feed i wrapped him up again and put him down and he settled himself back to sleep it took about 1/2 an hr of him on his own I didn't go in because he wasn't crying but I could hear him making noises to try to help him go to sleep it worked. He also did the same after the 4pm feed. I was so proud of him... hope this helps you out. I hope it continues tonight.

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

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