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Tizzie Hall routine, need advice Lock Rss

Hi all,
I have just started my daughter on Tizzie Hall's routine. My question is next Friday i start mothers group between 1.30 and 3.00. This is when my dd is meant to be sleeping, what should i do as i don't want to miss out on mothers group as i need the interaction with other mothers. Do i go for a walk with dd in the pram from 1.00 and then go to mothers group while she is still slleping in the hope that she will keep sleeping in her pram? (Mothers group is only a 5 minute walk from where i live). Please help.
hi, My mothers group is also in the time when DD is due for her sleep....(from 1pm till 3pm)and i go a little earlier & settle her in the pram & she normally goes to sleep...I still wrap DD (she's now 4 months) and find that if i don't wrap her when she's in the pram & she's due for a sleep she won't go to sleep...she still thinks it's play time...sometimes she may only sleep for an hour sometimes the 2 hours but i figure if she has a little bit of sleep while i'm out then when i get home & fed her she normally crashes out for the rest of the arvo...I would try to maybe go for a walk & encourage her to sleep in the pram....
How's she going on the routine???My DD has been on it since about 10 weeks & she is very happy girl....
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