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Question about catnapping and self settling. Lock Rss

Hi, I am doing the Tizzie Hall routine and put my dd to sleep for 2 hours. After 45 minutes she woke up and i put her on her side and patted her back. My problem is she comes out of her wrap and at the 15 minute mark i thought i had her asleep so i put her on her back and she woke up and cried again. In the end i got her out of bed as it was going to interfere with her next feed time. How do you put her on her back without waking her. Also now i don't think she'll stay awake until her next sleep time because of all the crying i think she is worn out. I know this is long but i'd appreciate any advice.
hi ya!
this might not be what you want to hear, but i would try not to think too much of the routine if something like that happens. I would probably get her up and make sure she stays awake until she needs to go down for a sleep. She might be HEAPS more grumpier in the time she is awake, but honestly the next sleep will be a long one! I think when they start to decide they dont want to sleep the best piece of advice i could give you, is when you get frustrated and upset about it to leave it be! either let her cry her self back off to sleep and stay strong, or get her up and let her be grizzly until your ready for her to go back down.

Sometimes these types of things happen because they do decide to change routine with out letting you know. I know a few times when my little man was this young i wouldnt be able to pick up the signs of when he wanted to change routine and drop a feed, or not require that much sleep any more. I would always stress how if he didnt sleep then it would stuff up the rest of the day's feeds and sleep time. But honestly it will swap and change all the time, the easiest way to deal with it - is to not really worry about it. it only makes you feel worse because you get frustrated.

I hope this helps in some way. Goodluck, let us know how your going.

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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