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No Routine?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I have 8 week old bub. Does anybody else not really have a routine? and just goes with the flow each day and night?

I havent really tried to establish one yet. Curious to know if anyone else is the same?

my 4 month onld has no day routine but a bedtime one, i just do what he wants during the day. but he has a set bedtime ( and he has his last bottle at 7.30pm bath then bed. i am trying to get a daily routine started, today is the start.

wakes 8.30
bottle 9
sleep 10ish til 11
bottle 12
sleep 1 til 2.30
bottle 3
sleep 4 or 4.30 til 5 or 5.30
bottle 6
topup bottle 7.30
bath 7.45
bed 8pm
then feed around 3am

hope i helped. but i never had a routine at all not even bed time till about a month ago.

so dont stress do what u want smile

***haydens mum***

hi mum2sam,
i have a 9 week old bub and she also has no real routine, especially not during the day. however i have found that letting her chose when she sleeps and for how long during the day does help her to sleep better at night. generally she has her last feed around 10pm, falling asleep around 11pm and sleeps until 7:30-8:30am, she then only wakes for a breakfast feed before sleeping til about 11am. then for the rest of the day she cat naps as she feels like it. the best part is i get to play with her and see so many smiles and beautiful times but the downside is somedays it makes it hard to get anything done. but i have tried a routine and it didnt suit her, yet for my 4 year old he ahd a set routine he stuck to by the minute. its my opinion that its whatever the bubs is comfortable with, and whatever your needs are of course but i wouldnt worry to much. my girlfriends little one had no routine until about 12 months and is now in a perfect routine which she seems happy to stick to...
basically its whatever suits the two of you.. each baby and family has their own needs..
good luck... and enjoy these precious times they only ome around once in a lifetime!!!

Renee, SA, 8 wk baby girl, 4 yr old boy

My son Andrew is 5 weeks and everyone keeps asking me what his routine is - I'm so glad to read that others don't really have a routine either!!! He sort of has a night time routine - bed 8-9pm - wake 1am and then 4-5am for a feed. He settles back to sleep quite well at night - but by the time I feed, change etc an hour has past by!

Andrew does not like to sleep during the day. I have looked out for his tired signs, tried the feed, play, sleep routine and nothing seems to work. He looks like he wants to sleep but keeps fighting it! As such I have no time during the day because the only way he does get some shut eye is when I am hold him!

Anway - that's enough from me! Hope you - as I have, feel a bit better to read that you aren't alone with the "no routine routine"!

No routine!!

I have a 5 week old little girl who was napping mornings, afternoons and evenings and getting up a couple of times at night, till we went away last weekend now she doesn't want to sleep at all during the mornings and puts up a fight to have a nap in the afternoon!
I had a visit from a Plunket nurse who told me she was shocked that my baby was getting no sleep during the day and getting up a couple of times a night, she made me feel rather guilty like I had something to do with it. I was so annoyed with her and have been feeling worse and worse the less my daughter sleeps.
It is nice to read that I am not alone!
I feel sad that the Plunket nurse got to me in such a way when it is such a common problem.

~*~Olivia Caitlin 12.5.2006~*~

I had a chat to a friend of mine who has a 6 month old daughter, Jessica. She was down because her daughter wasn't doing all the so called "right things" as per what she had read and been told. As her mother said to her "Well Jessica hasn't read those books. Jessica doesn't know that's what she is supposed to do." I thought that was so true. Our children are so young, all they really want at this stage is to be loved. I think that is one routine none of us has a problem with! As for other routines - they will happen in good time.
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