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Hi all mummies and mums to be,

Just wanted to let everyone know of my new discovery, its the Ocean wonders Aquarium. Our new son loves it and falls asleep in 10mins now. (lots of rocking and feeding before).

It has bubbling water, waves and a stream noise, music, lights and movement, he loves it.

It cost 60.00 with the batteries, but i'll pay anything for a happy sleeping baby. Have never bought such a toy before but this is worth it. Heaps of people told me about it and bubs pop wanted to but something.

I'll now go and collect my commission from fisher- price!!!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Haha. Its funny u mention the aquarium Tepe, because I was going 2 buy it yesterday, but bought the fisher price Singing Stars gym instead. I will make sure the aquarium is my next buy!!
( Lines up in the Fisher Price Commision Line )

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi Mums, Just wait until you are woken up in the night with a strange noise???This happened to me one night. My husband wasnt home so I was very aware of any strange noises. I thought that sounds like the ocean. I then tried to listen very hard just to be sure. Then I realised the noise was coming from the baby moniter??? Then I thought oh please let me be wrong. So I went into my sons room to find him sitting sideways in his cot with this feet up on the side watching the fish swimming in the aquarium. He had also found the sound buttons on the side and managed to get the waves noise going!! He was having a lovely time just sitting in there chatting away to the aquarium. His room was all lit up by the light and his little face was so clear with a huge smile on it. He had no idea I was even there. So I just walked back out, left him to it and went back to sleep. I can honestly say it gave him hours upon hours of enjoyment.

In the end he turned it on and off by himself when ever he was left in the cot so we had to remove it or he wouldnt go to sleep. It is a truely lovely toy and a great gift idea. His grandma brought it for him.
I'm sure that will happen to me too one day! Still a very cute story! I can hear my son gooing at the moment at it!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi mums,
My brother bought Ella her fisher price aquarium when she was 3 weeks old , she is now 5 months and i too found it to be a wonderful first toy!! Ella falls asleep after watching it for about 5 mins! She talks to it and watches it happily during the day for ages!
I love the light and found it to light up the room just enough to re tuck bub in or find her dummy!
I too have woken in the night to hear the songs coming through the moniter!! She has just learnt to hit the button! I cant wait till another family member falls pregnant so i can buy one for someone else!!!

celeste,wa,baby Ella

lol I saw the aquarium advertised on tv and wanted to go out and buy one! We havent bought one yet (and not sure if my mum has for DS's xmas present...will have to sound her out about that). But I want one too!!!

Can I put next to my bed though?? lol
Hi SkySpirit. There are two different aquariums they are both by Fisher-Price just one is bigger than the other. We have the smaller one and you can let it sit on a flat surface or it has straps at the back so you can connect it rails. We currently have ours sitting between the mattress and the side of the change table. It helps distract our son while we are either changing or dressing him. The aquarium has many different uses. A friend of mine even attached it to the side of her babies wooden play pen. I hope santa brings you one!!!
hey tepe,
we brought this for caitlin umm i think we had her home for about a week, we needed something with a light and to this day she too loves it!!
highly reconmended

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi again,

Well my son is now nearly 10 months and Yes, he is turning it off and on by himself.

Quite often i go in to get him after his sleep, and he has turned it on, layed back down, put his feet up on the cot rails and is just listening and watching it. I guess it is his quiet, wake up time! So cute though.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hey ive found another great thing a baby swing, thats battery opp....caitlin loves it!! keeps her quiet even while im making her dinner!!!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

i would love to know where in new zealand i can buy the fisher price aquariam and i love the sound of the swing...thomas only settles properly if i rock his bassinette (it has wheels), and the swing would be perfect to help him get extra sleepy before i put him down....does anyone in nz know where i can find the marvellous inventions ??

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

Hi there

I've just purchased a second-hand Fisher-Price Aquarium from

It's in great working condition and a fair bit cheaper than buying new.

You just log on to the website, sign up as a new member and put a bid in (like an auction). If you get out-bid before the closing date, you will get an email telling you so - that way you have the chance to bid again.

Hope this helps! smile


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