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From Bassinet to Cot?? Lock Rss

Grrr....this is partly a confused question and partly a vent.

DP and I were thinking of moving our 8.5 wk old baby from his bassinet in our room to his cot in his room soon. We thought it would be ok to do at 2-3 months old but after talking to my GP the other day, I am now feeling paranoid and apperhensive about wether or not to do it.

I went to my doctor for my throat infection and we ended up chatting about my DS. The topic of where baby sleeps came up and the doc said she doesn't believe in moving the baby to their own room too soon (ie before 6 months) as she believes it can be a cause of SIDS. She said that babies like to hear you and know you're near by and if they can't then they may get bored or lonely and she puts that down to a possible contributer of SIDS.

Man!! I was just getting myself used to the idea of not having my baby sleeping next to me (in his bassinet) and was getting up the courage to make the move to his room and she says that! Is there any reason I should be listening to her? Now I don't know what to do and am apprehensive about moving if I do now and the idea is in my mind about SIDS then I've jinxed the whole thing and something bad will happen to my little man sad
(that makes more sense in my head then it does when written lol).

Anyway, now I'm confused. Any suggestions? At what age did you all move your babies into their own rooms?
Hi, I had my baby in our room for 1 week after coming out of hospital. He just made the weirdest noises and they were really loud so I was constantly getting up 100 times a night to check on him and not getting any sleep. I had no problems and had never heard of that being a SIDS risk. Maybe give the SIDS hotline a call and ask them. We moved our DS from a bassinet to a cot at about 3 months.

Janelle Vic

We kept our daughter in our room in her bassinet until she was 8 weeks. I then had a chat to my Obstertican and he said to move the bassinet into her room for a week before putting her into her cot so she could get use to her room but still be in a familiar enviornment (bassinet). I did that and had no problems besides the fact I got up alot during the night to check on her to start with.
With regards to the SIDS business it can happen wherever a baby sleeps and agree that you should ring the SIDS hotline if you're concerned.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I am currently at that stage with my DD, we were considering putting her in her own room as she sleeps through the night, my advice on the SIDS is to buy and Angel Care Monitor. They detect the babys heart beat and sound an alarm if it slows down too much or stops, therefore, majorly reducing the risk of SIDS. The Angel Care Monitor is a bit expensive but worth its weigh in gold for the peice of mind it gives me. grin


I have just moved my 7 week old baby girl into her cot, which is in the room right next to mine. As I am a single working (part-time) mum, this was a big change, as I needed to make sure I was still getting a decent night sleep.

The first night was a disaster, and after speaking to some friends, I put my pajama shirt down (after wearing it for one night) so that she would be able to smell me. Now she goes straight down, I still need to get up for one feed during the night, and she comes into bed with me for her 5am feed. This is the best time as we have a wonderful snuggle together before I have to get up and go to work.

I have found that moving her into the cot allows her plenty of room, as she was waking herself up when her little hands would hit the side of the bassinet.

I would not beat yourself up about the SIDS, there are so many different theories out there. The reason it is called SIDS is because they dont really know the reason a baby passes away. It is a huge mystery and I think you have to learn to relax and (pray) that everything will be okay. Wrapping your baby up in "cotton wool" will only make you more anxious which you will then pass onto your baby. Relax, Enjoy and then both of you will get a good night sleep.

Anthea, Gold Coast, 7 Weeks


I have a 9 wk old baby boy and from the day i bought him home from hospital, he has always slept in his own room in his cradle.. We even have his door shut..

In the early days i would only have him in his room at nite and have the cradle in the lounge room with me, but my partner has 2 children from a previous marriage in which his wife passed away, so taking on 2 more children who only know one volume level was not really working as my little boy was getting woken all the time.. now he can sleep through anything.. Although at nite time i do have his baby monitor and can be caught from time to time with the baby monitor volume up as loud as it can go and my ear up to it listening for my boy breathing..

He has on occasion slept in his cot in his room aswell but as he will only sleep on his belly will worm all the way up to the top of the cot/cradle and have a little cry. If you think about the sids thing too much it will be hard to move on to other things granted it is a horrible thing for any parent to go through. but had i really worried about it i would never get any sleep as my boy only sleeps on his belly..

good luck and hope everything goes well


Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi ,
i'm a mother of a sids baby whom was my first & i think thats ------ . I now have a 10 y.o & a 21 mth old with whom i put in his own room at 3 mths old . Yes you need to get up and down but in the long run there is not the problem of geting your little one use to their room and a moneter to tide you over .Sorry im so blunt but it realy is personal choice . cathy

cathy vic 20mth boy

hi I put my baby straight into his cot in his room. I thought because the cot has more air flow it would be less a risk. He is now 10 months And Ive never had the problem of having to move him. But for my next one I was thinking of getting a bassinette, They look all snuggly but Im scared of all that material being sids risk. What was your bassinette like?

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

From experience with SIDS, my brother has been medically recorded as dead 340+ times due to it when he was a baby, sleeping them on a sleeping monitor doesn't make any difference. My brothers dr gave one to mum to use and it would be silent even when he'd stopped breathing. Or it would alarm and he was fine. They're not very accurate and shouldn't be relied on to detect when something isn't right. The last time I really remember I woke up to mum screaming and ran into my brothers room to see mum on the floor trying to revive him and he was blue in the face. The ambulance came and revived him and at the hospital his dr told mum to go in and say good bye to him as his lungs were more than 50% full of blood. Couple hours later the dr called mum and my brother was fine. That time the alarm did not sound. He's just turned 21. Mum tried every trick in the book to prevent him having another episode but nothing worked. It's still not understood what causes it its all just "believed to cause it" theories.

My 8 week old DS sleeps in his own room in his bassinet and will be looking at transferring him to a cot soon. Its all chance unfortunately. Just do what you believe it right and what you feel comfortable with.
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