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Sleeping too long at night Lock Rss

Hi, I wanted alittle advice on my 2 month old daughter. She not only sleeps through the night, but will sleep about 12 hours without stirring. As soon as she stirrs I wake her up and feed her. She is bottlefed and she will feed every 3 - 4 hours during the day. She is putting on weight well, but I am not convinced she is getting enough to eat (considering her age). She has always been a good sleeper (sleeping 6-8 hours at one week old). Everyone comments on how happy and content she is and she will still sleep well during the day. I know the saying if she is happy and putting on weight then she cant be starving, but is there something else I should be trying. I wont start her on solids until 6 months due to a family history of food allergys, so I am also a big concerned about her getting enough food as she gets older. Is her sleeping 12 hours a night at two months really unusual, because anyone I have spoken to say babies her age generally still wake 4 hourly at night. Thanks for your help!


Lucky you! My daughter woke every 3-4 hours when she was 2 months. However, my friend's baby is also 2 months and sleeps for long stretches and her mum had the same concern. She asked her community nurse what she should do and she recommended to let her sleep. The baby feeds a lot in the day time to make up for the missed feeds at night. If your baby is putting on weight and content let it go and enjoy your sleep!
Your daughter sounds the same as my son who is now 4 months old. From the day he was born he slept 6 hours at night and it just got better from there. He now sleeps 12 hours and has been for about 1 1/2 months.
I has problems with milk supply so I know what it is like to have an underfed child.
He went from being happy and content to grizzly and crying all the time. When I started him on formula he changed back to a happy baby. So by the sounds of how happy your daughter is, you've got nothing to worry about.
I found that although he didn't take the amount of feeds people say he should, he was still taking the required amount of milk plus some.
I started him on solids at 3 months even though there are allergies in the family and this has worked well. The only other option is to increase her formula as she wants it to keep her tum full. Hope that helps.
Hi Belinda,

We are some of the lucky ones. My son also sleeps through the night. From the age of 6 weeks he started sleeping through from about 9.30 to 8.30/9 in the morning. He feeds well during the day and gets everything he needs. I wouldn't worry about it. As everyone says 'As long as your baby is eating well and gaining weight, etc then you have nothing to worry about'. You will know when the time is right to start solids. Start them on some rice cereal and/or fruit. Very little food allergy associated with those. Just a hint: keep some handy in the cupboard ready for that day.

You and your baby will be fine. Make the most of your good nights sleep as it won't always be like that. Every now and then I have a night where I will be up a few times to my son and last night was a doozy. From 3 onwards, it was every hour until he came into bed with me at 6. I think he just got a bit cold and he kept kicking off the sheets.

Hi Belinda,
My 2yr old slept through the night from 4wks & was a 'text book' baby sleeping most of the day away too. You will find that your baby is happy with the routine she has (if she wasn't you'd know about it!) so don't worry if she is thriving.
I'm thankful for my first's sleeping habits as my second has been a shocker!
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Belinda,

My daughter is also two months old, and sleeps quite a lot.

Generally, she will have her last feed at 7pm and not wake to 5am-6am for her next feed. She is bottle-fed too, and is putting on weight well, so they told me to let her sleep, as long as she gets her 5 feeds a day and to give her more each feed. Some days she only gets 4 feeds a day and she is happy enough with that. I give her about 140mls/5 times a day and she thrives. Basically, you take their weight and times it by 150mls and then divide it by the number of feeds per day. That gives them the perfect amount of food through the day, so they can sleep at night!

Hope it all goes well.
Thankyou soo much BriannasMyAngel that was really helpful


Hi, I wanted to let you know about my daughter - she has just turned 3 mths old and sleeps for 11-12hrs per night for the last month or more. - she is feeding every 3-4 hrs of a day so don't be concerned - if she is hungry she will wake.
My son who is now 19mths old also slept right thru from 14weeks as well.

Take care and enjoy your daughter.

Jenny, Qld mum of 2 under 2

Not a problem smile Glad to help.
I hope all is going well for you and your bub!
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