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every 2hrs help sleep deprived Lock Rss

hi all, just wondering , hoping that someone anyone, can help me on my situation? i have a 3 month old and he sleeps well during the day, we have the feed, play sleep routine down well. then when it comes to night time its a disaster, he goes down between 7-8 at night then may sleep till 1230 and want a feed, then back asleep till 3 if im lucky, i have tried resettling and the dummy but will only want me ( im breast feeding) then wakes again at about 5, its a killer cause at this stage he doesnt settle well and by the time i do settle him and asleep his sister wakes at 7. If i have a good night hemay sleep till 2ish then 5ish. i am becoming very t;ired by now and would love more than 2-3 hrs sleep straight. My daughter was also a pretty unsettle sleeper till 10 months then finally slept from 7-8am. any one have any ideas thoughts and help.
ps i have tried the roll over feeds, abd still no avail

jess sa 2yr 3mth


My SIL had the same probablem she found that a bottle of formula just before bed helped her little one sleep longer at night.


DS 13months

Hi Jess
I would try a rollover feed again just before you go to bed that way you are only getting up once during the night instead of twice which might help with the sleep a bit. After you give the feed before you go to bed may be add an extra blanket as around 3 is the coolest put of the night which can make re-settling harder. Some bubs need that extra feed for a little while but once it starts to become less of a feed and more of a habit than try weaning him off it. Try offer water or just wait and see if he'll re-settle himself. I was giving Jeb a rollover feed up until he was on 3 solids a day. Hope this helps a little smile
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