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How long did ur 1 month old sleep at nights Lock Rss

Hi, i have a 4 wk old son and was curious how long everyone's one month old slept through the night. My first child slept 7 hours through the night from 3 wks but with this one i get about a 4 - 5 hour then a 2.5 - 3 hour.


My son is nearly 6 weeks old and for about the last 2-3 weeks he has been sleeping very similar pattern to your son. I feed him around 8pm then put him down and he will wake around 12-1pm (if we are lucky a little longer!) and then he goes back down straight after his feed (takes approx 1hr) then he will wake approx 3 hrs later.
My son is fully breastfeed so I am very happy with this routine as I have heard other mothers being up 2hrly. However with my daughter, she was fully bottlefeed and at about a month old she would sleep 7-8hrs through the night. I guess it can depend on whether they are bottle or breast feed but basically it is whatever the baby wants!!
My one month old fed four hourly until about 5 1/2 weeks of age, by 7 weeks she had dropped her 2-3am feed and would sleep from 10.30pm until 6am. She will sleep through before you know it especially if at 3wks you are getting a 4-5hour spell through the night already:)

My daughter is 5 weeks and doing the same as your son and i am bottlefeeding. I'm sure they will both be sleeping through before we know it. At least we are not the only people up in the middle of the night. Keep smiling


charlie and Emily 18 /09 /06

id give him a couple more weeks, he will work it out sooner or later. my daughter took until 6-7weeks until she decided "yep im gonna sleep through" she did it later than my son. he also did it at 4 weeks like your first child did. So give it time, they are all different.

xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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