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Baby Hates His Bassinette Lock Rss

My baby boy hates sleeping in his bassinette, and never settles when in it. We do not currently own a cot, nor can we borrow one (as EVERYONE seems to be having children at the moment). So is there anyone out there who can offer alternatives to the bassinette?

Shell, 21yrs, Brisbane

We bought a bassinet, but most of the nights I had Jimmy in bed with us from the 2nd night feed. It was my choice as I was too tired to feed him sitting up. Before he was born, I was against co-sleeping, but once the tiredness took over, I had to be inventive. We bought his cot when he was around 5 weeks, and he has been sleeping in it, in his own room for about 3 weeks now, so no problems there.

Some people do sleep their baby in the pram, but I have heard that it's not good as too little air circulation and not proper mattress.

Hope this helps.

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03


Sorry I don't have any alternatives apart from co-sleeping, but have you looked into purchasing a 2nd hand cot ?

There are a huge number available through the weekend shopper or you could even search online using 'ebay' or 'Bub Hub'.

I think that a cot is probably worth the expense as you will use it for years with your son.

On the other hand, I co-slept with my son (now 3 years old) pretty much straight from the bassinette until he moved into a single bed and enjoyed having him close.

I read somewhere that they are now recommending not to let babies sleep or be carried for any length of time in those car capsules as it may harm babies backs.

All the best.

Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Thanks for the advice. I am currently working on getting a cot, but have found that bubba is quite content to sleep with me, at the moment.

Shell, 21yrs, Brisbane

Hiya shellybean, when our lil girl first came home i found she would'nt settle so i put an old 2 seater couch in her nursery and i would curl up with her and wait for her to fall asleep then i would put her in the bassinet. It takes a baby a good 20mins to fall into a deep sleep so try putting bubs down in bassinet after 20mins of falling asleep. Hope this helps.

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

Thanks for the tip. We have had baby in his own cot since he was 3 weeks old now, and he sleeps soundly through the night.

Shell, 21yrs, Brisbane

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