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How much does your baby sleep during the day? Lock Rss

Madilyn is 9 weeks old - She has been sleeping an average of 8-10 hours of a night so it has been wonderful. That is until she got her needles a few days ago. She is now waking 2-3times in the night and day time.....forget it!!! She has never slept much during the day which makes it almost impossible for me to get anything done. I am typing this right now with Madilyn asleep in her rocker. I am getting really big calf muscles by holding my foot off the ground and rocking her. It is the only way she will sleep. I have tried controlled crying like the health nurse told me but I hate to hear her cry. I have tried what seems everything but to no avail. The minute I put her in the cot she wakes up.

Kelly - Mum to Jesse (1993) & Madilyn (5/2003)

Hi jod 73 ( just logged on for the first time).
I have a 6week old girl and she sleeps approx 11hrs a night ( one feed around 4am) and goes off to sleep quickly after the feed, however during the day, we are lucky if she has more than 30mins at a time. She seems to wake up and cry but can easily be settled, but she is now awake so we play-eat-sleep etc and do it all over again about 4 times all up to just get 30mins of sleep from her each time. She is placed in her cot and room darkened too and tried that pram( rocking). She then gets grumpy from 5pm as she is tired. I have read that she may feel insecure as she wakes up and sees that ma is not there and cries, but is all ok when I get her. I don't let her cry for long either. Then apparently when she turns 1, she will know that ma and pa are close by and will go to sleep during the day and has that security and satisfaction that all is ok. Can you let me know how you managed to have yoour little boy go to sleep in the day ( if at all).
Anna N

Anna, SA, Ruby & Eloise

Hi There,
It's My First On This Site Aswell,
I Have A Little 9 Week Old Baby Girl, Abbey She
Normally Has Her Last Feed At 10pm And Goes Right Through The Night Until At Least 8am But The Other Morning I Had To Wake Her At 10am As I Was Going Out ,I Think I Am Just One Lucky Mum.
During The Day I Feed Her Change Her Nappy,Wrap Her ,Have A Little Cuddle Then Put Her Straight Back To Bed With Soft Music Going And She Sleeps For Approx.2 - 3 Hrs Up To Her Next Feed,I'm Just Hoping She Stays Like This as When My Son Hit 6Months Old He Changed And I Was Up To Him More Than Ever.
Hope All Goes Well

Natalie NSW Baby Girl

Hi bai( natalie)
thanks for this advice as my baby is like yours. She sleeps straight through the night sometimes too. I will try/add music during the day ( i do feed, wrap, cuddle her anyway). so here goes..
thanks again
Anna and Ruby

Anna, SA, Ruby & Eloise

I've got a 4week old baby girl. Whoever it was that said that newborns sleep alot sure didnt know my little girl... during the day I generally get her to sleep for spurts of about 20-30 minutes (if i'm lucky) and then at night (usually from about 11-12pm) she sleeps for anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time then wakes for a feed and fights having to go back to sleep. Lots of people keep telling me that it'll get better, all i can say is i sure do hope so as this zombie look i've got going on is not a good one! smile


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

My 9 week old also has sleep issues. At the 8wk check up with the paeditrician it was strongly suggested we go to a day stay for sleep and settling advice as she was "an extremely over-tired baby". I booked in that afternoon and 2 days later I went to The Hills Parenting Centre ( for help. It was the best thing I've done. Gabrielle has reflux and this has also added to her lack of sleeping problem. It's been 5 days now and Gab is a changed girl as I no longer have a baby who frowns all the time and who cries for hours on end. I had issues with my 2 yr old which they helped me with too. I hope this helps you.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

My 2 weeK old Isabella is much the same pattern these days as yours Belinda. Last night I found my self trying to pacify her from 3am till 8am, my husband took her after this and I finally got some sleep, I'm dredding the day he goes back to work (this friday) from then I'm on my own. She was having one episode during the day or night where she was hard to settle I'd put her on the breast, she'd fall asleep, I'd make sure she was in a deep sleep before putting her to bed but the sleep would last 10 minutes and she'd be up again. I've tried wrapping her up real tight, putting her on her side which helps at times and rocking her to sleep i do hoep it gets better as these episodes lasting 4-5 hours are now occuring twice during the 24hr period.

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

Hi all,
I have a 7wk old son who feeds to sleep. If I want him to sleep for any longer than 10 minutes after putting him down, I need to wrap him in a blanket/bunny rug before he goes to sleep, otherwise the cold of the bed or bassinette wakes him up after the warmth of snuggling on me. This includes having part of the blanket under his head when he's feeding. This may seem like a rigmarole, but is worth it when I am rewarded with a couple of 3-4hr sleeps during the day and 6-9hrs at night!!
Good luck, and remember to keep your baby warm during these cold days / nights (remember they had round the clock warmth before they were born!)

Kerry, WA, Son born Aug '03, Daughter born Feb '05

hi im new to the scene with a 6wk old baby joshua, i was just reading your email 3-4 hours sleep during the day mine only cap naps for a hour or so during feeds and i have to use the rocker as well but i cant complain he sleeps 8-9 hours at night do i fare as a good new mom?

mother of joshua born AUG 28 2003

Know how you feel belinda. We have a 3 week old girl. She rarely sleeps during day and at nights it is mostly 90 mins tops occasionally up to 3 hours. Books reckon babies sleep up to 20 hours a day, thats rubbish! She constantly feeds and is surely getting enough as after 2 weeks she exceeded birth weight by over 300 grams. We hope it gets better, and soon.
Hi everyone!

Everyone who's said that their baby sleeps for about 30 - 40 mins in the day has described my daughter in her first 8 weeks.

I was completely devastated that she wasn't sleeping as much as they said that she would. And then I found out why.

Babies aren't born with the natural ability to sleep when they are tired. They actually need to be taught to sleep. Hannah was 8 weeks old when my sister told me that. After that time, I started using a sleep strategy which my other sister gave me, which showed me how to identify the tired signs and how to put her to bed. I didn't realise it, but most of the time I was dealing with an extremely over-tired baby, which was making it very hard for her to go to sleep.

My advice is to go and find out a good way to recognise your baby's tired signs and how to put them to sleep. Paradoxically, Hannah sleeps better at night when she's slept better during the day!

And plus - you need a break during the day!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Hi Nutty

If you happen to see this post , I was wondering if there are any tips or advice you can offer to me.

Like your son, mine has cat naps through the day and also wakes up 2-3 times during the night
All the best ZacsMum

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