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How much does your baby sleep during the day? Lock Rss


From reading all these posts it seems like it is something with 9 week olds.

My little boy is 9 weeks and has gone from having a couple of good 3 hour sleeps during the day to catnapping for no more than an hour at a time. I find it hard to complain though cause his night time sleeping has increased and he is sleeping 10hrs a night without waking for a feed. I too though find Ryan gets grizzly later at night cause I get the feeling he is overtired ... I think I prefer him having long sleeps during the night though and catnaps during the day.

Ryan is pretty good at entertaining himself though and can spend almost an hour at a time giggling, laughing and hitting at the characters hanging from his play gym which gives me the chance to rush around and do things around the house.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

My daughter gets 4-5hrs during the day. This is one sleep straight. And then during the night she sleeps at between 9-10 (after her final feed) and then wakes up at 2am ish and then 6am ish. smile

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

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