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Sucking of fingers to sleep Lock Rss

Hi all,

For the past few days, I noticed my 10 weeks old bub starts to suck his fore and middle fingers to sleep.

I re-start the settling method on him and I think it is working. But when he stops screaming, he starts to suck on his fingers. He will continue till he goes to sleep. I tried giving him the dummy but he refused and scream even louder.

During the night, he will suck his fingers when he is hungry. He can go on sucking for 10 minutes or so, before crying.

Is it bad for a 10 weeks old baby to suck his fingers? Will it continue till they are in toddler age?

Cody's Still Learning Mum

I dunno bayden is 11 weeks old and he sucks his fist and middle fingers. Only when hes hungry adn at night to but he hes a dummy to sleep with. he will spit it out and shove his fist in. I think because sucking is natural reflex that they loose at about 6 mnths, I dont think we should worry until after that. And also because they are doing it at night and for food. In the womb they sucked for comfort so I reckon just make a deal out of it when they are baout 8 mnths - 1yr or so.
Im not to worried casue I just do alot of inmternet searching and find out all sorts of stuff.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

your not the only one - my little boy started that around the same time... and i thought ARGH how can i stop it from happening, so i started to encourage the dummie! but he still does it even when he doesnt have the dummie - he doesnt like the dummie, but i put yoghurt on it so that he will stop screaming and wont suck his fingers.
HE was also sucking his fingers so often that the skin was peeling real bad and going red from (im guessing) being too thin in some places. the peeling stopped but the finger sucking still continues every now and then, he has started to replace it with toys and things now when he is playing! hopefully that will happen with your little one! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi there,

Just passing on some info, This is actually a development stage and my midwife encourages it - she says they will learn to put themselves back to sleep if they wake as sucking is a comfort to babys.
Some babys have dummies and will cry as soon as the dummy comes out, where as if your baby has found his fingers he may suck on them and go back to sleep without waking you. Just think - at least you will not have to worry about taking a dummy away!!

Hope this helps
Abbis mum
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