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Tummy Sleeping Lock Rss

My 12 week old loves to sleep on his tummy. We discovered this following the advice from our paedatricin to help with reflux and wind. We were aghast that a health professional would even suggest this, as everyone knows the whole SIDS thing. His argument was that he believed it was overheating that contributed to SIDS more than the position that the baby sleeps in. He referred to the fact that instances of SIDS decreased in the colder areas when the whole, position, wrapping etc advice was given, and no real difference in QLD (where I live) as he says that due to the warmer weather babies are not usually over wrapped or clothed. I spent many a night asleep with my baby on his tummy laying on my tummy just because I couldn't bear to leave him alone on his tummy. Now I put him to bed on his back, however sometimes turn him over to his tummy when he is unsettled or in obvious discomfort. He will almost always drift of to sleep straight away. It's a very hard choice. Has anyone else battled with this. Do you deprive your child (and yourself) of a restful comfortable sleep to adhere to the back sleeping, and what about when they begin to roll themselves over anyway. Should we strap them down on their backs with one of those velcro things?? Not easy this parenting thing is it??

I only recently spoke to my doctor about this as my 10 week old daughter seems to sleep better on her tummy.

What he said to me was that it was a parents call but all of his 3 children were tummy sleepers.

My brothers 3 children were also tummy sleepers.

I sometimes put her on her back, but certainly for her big night sleep I have started putting her on her tummy.

I agree with my doctor in that it is your call as a parent and that no-one should really recomend something that may or may not contribute to SIDS.

It is a tough call and the first few nights I didn't sleep well for worrying.

I also live in QLD.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi LeahLou,
I think that it is a personal choice. My baby girl is 7 months old this week & although I always put her down on her back, she almost always ends up sleeping on her tummy. I'm not sure if your baaby is able to lift his head well or not. I think that if they are able to lift & move their head, it is not so much of a drama. I know that when our M&CH nurse visited us when we came home from hospital, she suggested that if the baby is aware of something covering their face (ie. a cloth nappy or a singlet) then they are likely to cry to notify you that something is front of their face (this is a good test to see if they are ready for tummy sleeping). If it were me, I would still suggest putting baby down to sleep on his back. My personal opinion is that if he is able to roll himself into a more comfortable position on his tummy then he will be able to get himself out of trouble or at least notify you if he is having difficulty. I think that it worth listening to the SIDS professionals & incorporating the information into what your baby is up to. eg. I place my baby to sleep on her back, however, if she rolls on her tummy I know that she is capable of crying for me or rolling back easily if she has any dramas.
Best wishes, & try to make a decision that works best for your peace of mind & your babies safety.
Our child sleeps on her back, although when sleeping on my chest she sleeps on her stomach. My sister in laws purchased a "Baby Sense II" which you place under the cot matress, it senses the movement of the child as well as the heartbeat / breathing. If there has been no activity for 15-20 seconds an alarm is sounded. I think you can purchase it from Baby Co. This device would give you comfort in regards to SIDS. Hope this Helps. We know it works as every time we take her out of the cot for feeding the alarm goes off.
Hiya Leahlou, our baby girl would'nt sleep on her back and i was worried about sids. So here is what i did at first i slept her on her tummy only during the day so i could keep an eye on her then after about a week during the night to. As for long as you have fresh air in the room ie window is open, don't smoke in or around your baby and make sure sheets are pulled tight so baby can't pull sheets up and cover its mouth. If you do all of this then your baby has a better chance of not dieing of sids. Hope this helps good luck.

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

I also had this problem when my daughter was 6-8 weeks old. After speaking to a clinic nurse I was told that it is not the fact that young babies suffocate while tummy sleeping but they overheat. She told me to think of a hot day when you yourself are in bed. You lie on your back and stretch your arms out to get cool. A young baby cannot do this if they are too hot, thus leading to overheating and god forbid something worse. I asked the nurse what would happen when she could roll over and chose to sleep on her tummy. She said when babies are older and have the ability to roll, if they are in this position and are beginning to overheat, they can roll back and cool down, where as young babies can't. This info was enough to scare me into putting her on her back again. She cried but we perservered. She is now 12 weeks and sleeps on her back with no problems. I hope this info helps but ultimately you have to do what works for you.

Michelle, NSW, 3mth baby girl

all 5 of my kids have slept on their tummies, 3 of which have been reflux bubs. i've never had a problem, and to be honest, i've never been overly worried about SIDS. i am fully educated about SIDS, and i have no bumpers, toys, teddies or pointless bedding inthe cot, and i always check my bub to see if he/she is too warm etc about 10mins after they have gone down and will add or take bedding.

it's all about choice and your comfort levels, i have no issues with tummy sleeping, and feel my bub gets a better sleep on his tum.

just do what YOU feel is right.

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

I love this site!! It's not just my baby. Others have reflux and wind and all sorts of discomforts. And we are not the only ones who 'solved' it by having our baby sleep on our tummies either. We sorted it by wrapping our baby with a very light sheet and placing him on his side with a rolled up towel in front of him between his chest and feet and it has worked wonders!

Good luck but you probably don't need the advice now as your baby would be almost one at this stage.



Hello everyone, My son would only sleep on his tummy and he is now 2 and still sometimes sleep on his tummy. I tried to let him go to sleep on his tummy and then turn him but he would either wake up screaming or would just roll back over. The upside to this is his head is a perfect shape!! I also spoke to my Dr about this as I was so scared of SIDS but he said if the baby wont sleep any other way just leave him!! I used to keep checking on him when he slept. You can buy a special blanket which has blocks on both sides which are recommended by the SIDS people and a friend of used towels. I guess its up to the individual but we just left him to sleep on his tummy.

Good luck!
Hi leah lou, My name is Christopher, and we have three girls under five. Our latest edition will only sleep on her tummy too, Its funny, asked our pediatrician who said dont put baby on tummy, but in the next breath he said he did for his babies. My wife got Post Natal depression with our first two, and now the third has come along we have learned a great deal. Firstly, We bought the Babysense II Sids Survivor program/Monitor and it works great. Really recommend it for yummy babies for a little peice of mind. Secondly our next advice which a lot of people will not agree is DONT listen to much to those Community Child Health Nurses as we did for the first two and stress all round (do this , Do that) but with our third Just go with the flow Keep baby happy and we have a dream baby. It does not matter if she sleeps through one feed, nor does it matter if she has one too many feeds., the main thing is if your baby looks healthy and putting on weight then things are going well.

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When my son was born, my mum had so much trouble putting him to sleep on his back....he didn't mind, but she did. When I was a baby, mum was told to sleep babies on their backs to stop them choaking, only problem was I only liked to sleep on my back. The plunket lady told her off for letting me sleep on ,my times have changed huh!
Hi, My daughter is 5weeks old and has the bad wind/colic problem. During the day she does sleep on her tummy after a "cry" but during the night its all on her back. To settle her down i put her in my arms in the football position and add pressure to her belly from both arms and walk aroun the house. She falls alseep and sleeps for 4-5hrs straight during the day. This is all the sleep she gets during the day. smile

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

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