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getting up wind Lock Rss

Hi my name is julz and i have a beautiful 2 weekold baby girl that has terrible trouble getting her wind up i have started using Infants Friend today I just hope this will work for her, please any suggestions

julz,Vic,2 week old baby

Congrats on the birth of your daughter!
I didn't even burp my son for the first few weeks of his life! He always fell asleep after feed, and so I didn't wake a sleeping baby. He then got bad wind, doh. I also used Infants Friend every now and then, and it seems to work well sometimes. I know some people use it at every feed.

Have you tried different burping positions? Sitting on knee, over shoulder? Sometimes having her lie down for a minute and burping again might work well. Also, if her tummy is sore, lie her on the change table and do circular motions with her legs might help.
Good luck and enjoy your girl!

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03

I have a 6 week old who was on s26 gold and i had a really hard time getting his wind up. Sometimes it would take an hour to get it all. We have just changed to Karikare ar and in two days have seen a huge improvement. There is hardly any wind, he sleeps better and is generally happier.
It's really hard isn't it when they're having trouble bringing up wind. My 4 week old little boy also has trouble. I'm using Infants Friend too which is working well, but one of the best things I have found for Harrison is to lay him on his tummy over my lap and gently pat and rub his back...just have a towel handy over the edge to catch any overflow!!

Manda, NSW, 3 y.o. girl and baby boy

I found using Infacol on my 6 week old baby works well. You can get it from either the supermarket or pharmacy. Good luck
Brauers colic relief is good and natural.

SA, 2 boys

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