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Pram sleeping Lock Rss

I have a Nine week old daughter who is a wonderful baby. She sleeps well but my problem is my own discipline. It only takes me seconds to get her to sleep in her pram. It is harder to get her to sleep in her cradle which rocks and even harder in her cot . Am I digging my own grave? she does not cry her self to sleep when i have tryed that. Any suggests?
I know what you mean! In the middle of the night when Jimmy wakes, I know I should try and re-settle him rather than just feeding, but I'm just too sleepy to do anything but the fastest, so I feed.

I allow Jimmy to nap in the pram, especially if he just won't settle other way. He also naps in the rocker. At night I sleep him in his cot, except when he's unwell, in that case, he's very clingy, and I sleep with him in the spare bed.

I've read somewhere that pram doesn't allow good air circulation, so maybe overnight sleep is not so good.

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03

I hope I can help as I have similar problems. One thing I have learnt to do is not pay attention to 'rules' such as leaving baby to cry herself to sleep. It doesn't work for my little one either and she can work herself into a tanturm, even when tired. To save my sanity I feed her until she falls asleep, and then hold her for a little while. This breaks the 'don't rock your baby to sleep' rule, but all babies are different. After she has slept in my arms for a little while, I can usually put her down and she will be fine. She will stir, look around, and go back to sleep. If she doesn't and she fully wakes up again, I just resign to the fact that she isn't tired enough, and keep her up a bit longer then try again. It usually works well. Maybe it could work for you?

Kelleigh, NZ, 2mth baby girl

Hi, I have a 3 month old girl and have finally perfected the art of her settling herself. She used to go down well in her pram as I would be rocking it (whilst at the shops etc) but I really made the effort with controlled crying and getting her used to falling asleep herself. Lots of people don't agree with this, but honestly, it took 4 weeks of this until she'd learnt how to fall asleep it seems like she actually enjoys going down for a nap! (and of course...the most important night-time sleep!!!....she always goes about 10 hours then I feed her and she goes for another 3!) I can't explain how hard it was to leave her crying (mind you, I NEVER left her if the cry was unusual or if she seemed to be having a bad day or something) I really recommed girl is at the point now where she doesnt like sleeping in her pram (unless its moving!) and loves her cot. If you dont want to take this step, I'm really not sure how to 'wean' them into sleeping on their own?!? A friend's baby did it automatically when he turned 9 weeks old?!??! She was very lucky!!
Good luck,
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