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rocking to sleep Lock Rss

I rock my little girl to sleep in her cradle and in her pram. She is 11 weeks and growing fast. She will soon be to long for her craddle so i need to move her to her cot in her room. When i have tryed this she crys untill she is over tied and terribly worked up. I pat her to calm her down but it doesn't really work. Rocking is the way she knows to fall asleep. Does any one have any advice or how long it may take me to make this transition?
Hi AJS. I did the same thing 4 my 19 m/o when she was little but it didn't help things. My suggestion is that when your bubs wakes from a sleep, feed/change her, have play time for 1.5 hrs, then watch for tired signs (yawning, clench fists, etc). Wrap her in a muslin wrap, say "nite nite", darken room, put her in her bed awake, then leave the room (without making eye contact). Allow wind down cry for 3 mins. If she doesn't pause/decrease in volume as she cries for 3 mins, go in, pat her without picking her up for 3 mins, then out for 3, in for 3, out for 3, in for 3, out for 3. If she doesn't settle, place in pram and rock it back and forth until she settles, then try to resettle in her bed. I tried this technique (suggested by Karitane in NSW) and had to keep with it for a few days as the rocking of my daughter to sleep became a habit. She had to break it and learn how to settle herself to sleep. If you find it too hard and at the end of your tether, speak to your child health nurse. Good luck!!!

Angela, NSW

thanks for your advice angela
Im giving it a go. it's not really working yet but i'm sure we will get there. It's hard when we have visiters at the moment.
I going to win the battle of the wills!!!!!!!!!
At 11 weeks your daughter still doesn't have "object permanance" and so when you leave the room she thinks you are going for good. So for her wanting you near and rocking her to she is asleep isn't a "battle of wills" she just wants to make sure you aren't going to leave her forever. This is why babies often cry when you leave the room, babies learn object permanancy around 8mths.

My suggestion would be, why not gently rock her in your arms (if she is getting too heavy then a sling is a great investment), then rocky her gently until she is asleep, then gently transfer her to the cot for her to finish her nap. That way she falls asleep secure in knowing you are with her and there is no stressed mumma or baby with all the crying.

Just a suggestion...I have done this with my two older 2 children and am now doing it the same way with my 6 week old daughter.

Amanda - Brisbane mumma to Addison, Apryll & Ailis

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